View Full Version : slussbyggmästaren

Karen Norwillo
08-11-17, 22:54
Am I correct in translating this as canal builder? I found that byggmästaren was a master builder.

08-11-17, 23:23
It seems to be a pretty good translation. SAOB simply defines "slussbyggmästare" as "a master builder who leads or has lead canal work". SAOB also separates "slussbyggare" (canal builder) from "slussbyggmästare" by giving the former the definition "a person who takes part or has partaken in the building of one or more canals (together with a master canal builder)".


Karen Norwillo
09-11-17, 00:10
Thank you.
I have a booklet I bought years ago, but it doesn't, of course, have everything. Swedish Genealogical Dictionary Fourth Edition by Phyllis J Pladsen and Eric B Pladsen and Joseph C Huber. It's been a valuable resource.