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Leo Furu
29-03-04, 22:36
I am looking for information about my grand-aunt
Emma Selina Johansdotter Furu born in Terjärv on 29 dec 1877 and her husband Henrik Alfred Alexandersson Vistbacka born in Terjärvc8 Apr 1877. They married on 20 Jun 1896 in Terjärv.
On 18 Aug 1896 Henrik (somewhere Hendrik) left Finland with
destination New York USA. Emma followed him 8 Feb 1902 also
to New York. Their little boy Alfred Johannes "Hannes" b 16 Mar 1897 stayed by my grandfathers family in Småbönders and died
on 22 Oct 1915. He newer had seen his father.
Emma and Henrik probably moved forward to Montana because grandpa got a postcard from Emma where she wrote
that Oskar Svartsjö had visited her. In the passengerlist i find that
Oskar Svartsjö went to Chrisholm Montana 1910.
Oskar seems to have been a friend of my grandfather.
I have no more informations about any children of Emma and Henrik.


29-03-04, 23:40
"Oskar Svartsjö went to Chrisholm Montana 1910. "

Leo, this should be Chisholm, Minnesota. I'll check the census and see if I can find them there.

30-03-04, 00:30
Hi Leo,
I found them, not in Minnesota, but in Washington under the name Alfred West.

I'm attaching the image but the details are:
Alfred West, 42, b.Finland, speaks Swedish, immigrated 1896
Emma, 42, b.Finland, speaks Swedish, immigrated 1902
Henry, 13, b. Oregon
?, 5, b.Washington (might be Rudolf)
Sidney, 3, b.Washington (male)

These were found in Hoquiam, Grays Harbor, Washington.

30-03-04, 00:40
This looks like it's them living in Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon in 1910. Henry's name looks like it's Albin.

Leo Furu
30-03-04, 21:35
That was a good job to find out that they change the name to West. I have tried different versions of their surname but didn't ever think of that.
I wish I can help you sometime!


Ingemar Ekman
16-04-04, 22:51
Hi Leo,
The marriage record 1890 in Finnish Seamens Mission Church, New York has Alexandersdotter - Wistbacka from Terijärvi.
It corresponds little with the family you looked for. The photo is reduced from 720k to 43k so maybe it will be little difficult to read.
The couples on this photo were coming mostly from Terjärv but also Pedersöre, Munsala, Mustasaari, Uleåborg and Säkkijärvi.