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June Pelo
30-03-04, 03:18
The most popular first names of Swedish-speaking females this past year were Maria, Sofia, Emilia, Anna and Ida. For males the names were Alexander, Johannes, Erik and Emil.

The top Finnish names were Ella and Niko. 460 baby girls were named Ella and 551 boys were named Niko, followed by Eetu, Juho, Veeti and Lauri.

From an article in Norden.


30-03-04, 23:09
It is so interesting to see how name choices can change over time and understand all the reasons for that.

I wonder what the most popular names might have been a hundred years ago. Would anyone have that information?

June Pelo
31-03-04, 02:37

I think there is some department in Finland that keeps track of names, but I don't know how to find it. I have a copy of a booklet which lists the post popular names in recent years, but doesn't go back 100 years.

In the meantime, you might enjoy this:
Names (http://www.sci.fi/~kajun/finns/meanings.htm)