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30-03-04, 08:05
I'm wondering if anyone has any contacts in Kemi or anyone who might be familiar with Hakalas from Kemi.

I've located John, Ida K. and family traveling through Ellis Island twice in 1903 and 1906. It shows they were from Kemi. Searching HisKi, I see a Hakala farm in Kemi. Johan would have been born ~1872 and Ida K ~1871. They lived in Leadville, Colorado but had a daughter, Saima, born in Finland during one of their trips, 1905.

I may try to contact the Kemi parish for information but thought I'd try here first.


Ingemar Ekman
30-03-04, 22:28
Hi Kevin,
This is not any help for you but I found on the CD “Emigranten” that following HAKALA written in USA went from Gothenburg, Sweden 26 Sep 1906 with Leadville Colorado as the end destination:
Source code 82:157:69618:
Ida K 36 years old
Lempi 8 years old
Source code 82:158:69618
Einar 1 years old
Saima I, 2 years old
Yrjö 2 years old
Johan 4 years old
It seems to be the family you are looking for, maybe Johan’s age is a typo and should be 34? The CD has totally 35 Hapala recorded and 31 July 1936 Yrjö 39 years old written in USA went from Gothenburg to New York

30-03-04, 23:54
Yes, this coincides with the 2nd record I found of the family traveling through Ellis Island. I noticed the age for Ida was different from what was found in the census records so I didn't pay much attention to the discrepancy. I don't have the copies of the Ellis Island records here at work but I thought I recalled the ages being older on the EI records than they were on the census.

This is kind of neat for me as this research is for friends that I'm doing as a surprise. Even though they're not related, I find it exciting as I knew some of these people myself. Saima lived not too far from where we did in Ironwood, MI.

As I continue this research, I'm finding there are many more interesting facts I'd like to unearth. This family in particular seems to have many "stories" surrounding their lives. One for example is how daughter Lempi moved by herself from Leadville Colorado to Marquette Michigan between 1910-1920 after her father died while her mother stayed back in Leadville. I also wonder if maybe the father was a silver miner and had acquired substantial wealth to be able to afford to travel multiple times to Finland.

Leadville is two miles high in altitude and has the highest elevation of all incorporated cities in the US. There is a lot of interesting information about this little town from the 1800s including some well known figures of the old west like Doc Holiday.

Thanks again,

16-05-04, 14:27

I am researching my ggrandfather Daniel Henrickson/Henriksson b. 1860 Finland.He apparently travelled from Finland and ended up in Australia by 1883. He married in Australia in 1889.
There has been oral family history in Australia as no one has been able to trace any family origins in Finland but they say that HENRICKSON may of been his anglisised surname and that his surname may of been Hackala????? Not sure of spelling?
He may of bee in Kemi as well???? Is he related to any od your descendants?

Kind regards

11-03-10, 18:09

I noticed that you have mentioned Leadville below . . .

Does anyone of you have old photos from Leadville?

I have some unidentified photos from Leadville during the same period as you are discussing.

Would you be kind to check if you can find any match between your photos and my photos or you might have information about some of the persons on my photos? My unidentified photos are published at the Internet page

I'll be grateful for every single clue that will help my research; my contact information will be found at the Internet page


26-03-10, 01:12
Any responders related to Sofia Hakala b. abt 1886 somewhere in Finland? She arrived in Missabe, Minnesota around 1893.