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24-11-17, 20:55
I am interested to see if any of you have any definitive information for the ancestors of Johann Fiant (ca. 1620-1676). He was married to Catharina Morian (ca. 1630-1675). He was the grandfather of Johan Henrik Fieandt (1683-1741).

My family tree shows Johann Fiant as the son of Albrecht Fieandt (-1653) and Dorothea Bues (-1676), but other family trees show Johann as the son of Albrecht's other wife Anna Hertzen (-1617). And still other family trees show Johann as the son of Georg Fiant III (1584-) and Catharina Bues (1595-).

Anybody have any additional information? Thanks!

June Pelo
25-11-17, 20:53
When I googled Fiant it brought up a lot of people with that name from Germany on the Geni database. With the spelling of Johann that seems to indicate Germany. I checked Talko, but the name didn't appear.

26-11-17, 06:05
The Fieandt family originally came from Germany, then Estonia, and finally Finland with Johan Henrik Fieandt (1683-1741). He was kind of an "action hero" during the Great Northern War; the family was ennobled due to his actions--he was captured by the Russians several times, had a child born in Russia during captivity, and finally died at Lapeenranta in battle. He was married to Elisabeth Sofia Tawaststjerna. His parents were Albrecht Fieandt (1659-1705) and Maria von Heijen (-1704). Albrect's parents were Johann Fiant (1620-1676) and Catharina Morian (1630-1675). I'm fairly confident in those relationships. However there seems to be little information as to the parents of Johann Fiant (1620-1676)--most trees show his father as Albrecht (-1653) who died in Tallinn, and his mother is normally Dorothea Bues (-1676), however, some family trees show his mother as Anna Hertzen, the first wife of Albrecht, who died in 1617. I have found some family trees on myheritage.com that list Johann's father as Georg, but can't get any information from the owners of the tree. I found good documentation of Albrecht and Dorothea Bues having a child named Antonius (1632-1686) but there is no mention of Johann (1620-1676). I didn't know if anybody had any information that might make the connection to the parents of Johann Fiant. The name is spelled in various ways = Fiant, Viant, Fieandt, etc.

June Pelo
26-11-17, 16:56
The Fieandt family data is on the Geni website, managed by
Henrik Manitski and Eeva Annikki Lehtinen (Nieminen)
Are you a member of Geni? I have a basic membership and tried to copy some of the data, but there was a problem somewhere and it wouldn't copy. I'll try again. I have some Tavast/Tavastierna ancestors .. From Hietaniemi manor in Tavastland. Had four sons: Jöns, Dionicius, Sten, Matts. Data found in Descendant tables of families of the noble houses of Finland by Tor Carpelan. Also some data can be found in "Befolkning i Jakobstad" by Leo Nyholm... all the above data is in Swedish.

I saw there is an Eeva Nieminen Lehtinen on Facebook.. if you are a member you could contact her for more info.

June Pelo
26-11-17, 17:44
I checked the data on Geni and it shows that Albrecht and second wife Anna Then Herzen had a son Antonius, b. 9 Jul 1632 in Tallinn. And also shows that Johann, b. 1620 was the son of Albrecht and first wife Dorothea.

27-11-17, 01:44
I have checked Geni and myheritage.com. They sometimes have errors, since many copy from one family tree to another, carrying over mistakes. Anna Hertzen was Albrecht's first wife; she died in 1617. I have an archival document from Estonia showing her two children were Peter and Albrecht. This is in a document from "Pergament Denkelbuch der Stad Reval (Parchment book of the city of Reval) (TLA.230.1.Aa34, S. 37b)."

Albrecht's second wife was Dorothea Bues who died in 1676 and her son Antonius is mentioned in "Literarisches Leben in Reval in der ersten Hälfte des 17. Jahrhunderts (1600-1657) Institutionen der Gelehrsamtkeit und Genese städtischer Gelegenheitsdichtung Martin Klöker, p 668."

My problem is that Johann Fiant is not mentioned as another son.

So, as a last resort, I'm going to try to hire someone from the Estonian Biographical Society to try to look him up. I sent a request to them today. We shall see!

I, too, have a bunch of Tawast/Tawaststsjernas in my ancestry--yes, I see Henric Jönsson, father of Jöns, Dionicius, Sten, Matts. Henric was my 10th great grandfather. His son, Matts was my 9th great grandfather.

June Pelo
27-11-17, 04:08
Matts was my 10th great grandfather through his son Henrik. Good luck with your search!