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08-12-17, 20:39
May I ask for support? Automatic translation is not helpful in this case... Seems Helena Paulamäki is mentioned in this text. What is this text mean?

Jaska Sarell
09-12-17, 00:06
It's about Jalasjärvi farmers society (Jalasjärven maamiesseura) autumn meeting.
Among other things representatives for national (or regional?) meetings people were nominated. One of deputies was Helena Paulamäki.

:) Jaska

09-12-17, 10:05
I am going to translate some parts and paraphrase some in brackets, since you seem to have missed the other Paulamäki in the text (or perhaps you know him to be unrelated?). Sameli might be a fennicization of Samuel?

The Autumn Meeting of the Jalasjärvi Farmers' Association

was in Vilhola on Sunday 9.12. The metting opened with a rather short speech, which described our most important contemporary feelings, from the foreman of the association, teacher J. F: Marttila. The teacher J. Risku was chosen as the new chairman.

As the plan of action for the next year was accepted, according to the suggestion by the board of directors, a competition in manure tending, fallow tending, garden and beekeeping, hay seed and tuber farming. [200 markka was given to organize these events.]

[In addition, a competition in caring for horses will be organized with help from local horse associations.]

[The board of directors will consider organizing a deep transformation competition [NB: I think this means they will take a patch of forest and try to convert it into farmland with a short period, but I have no idea really] Judges were chosen.]

As representatives for the Main Association's meetings for the following year the following were chosen: Matti Tuomela, Väinö Vuorenmaa, Ludvig Lammi, I. V. Rajala, Kaisa Ritakasari and Maria Korpimarttila and Helena Paulamäki. They are obligated to report their travel in writing.

[Some members were chosen into the board of directors to replace those that left. It was agreed that the association shall continue to publish all of its notices in the important newspapers and on public notices.]

The following trophies were given for the competitions organized in the passing year. They were as follows: In fallow tending First Class 2. place Antti Marttila and Sameli Koskinen; Second Class 1. place Tuomas Kattilamäki, 2. place J. F. Kohtamäki and Sameli Paulamäki. Hayfarming: Second Class 2. place S: Ritakasari, Tuomas Kattilamäki and Antti Marttila, 3. place S. V. Rajala. [And many other trophies].

To finish the meeting Väinö Vuorenmaa spoken about the necessity of professional education and organizing unions. There were not many people attending the meeting.

12-12-17, 19:49
Thank you for support. I've noticed this second this other Paulamäki as well. I've supposed it could be Saima Paulamäki - which MAY be my relative. Is Sameli related to Saima?
Comparing the newspaper date (1917) and the year of birth of "my" Helena Paulamäki (1910) these are different persons. So it seems this Helena Paulamäki is not my relative.

12-12-17, 22:54
No, Sameli is definitely not related to Saima. Other newspapers refer to some other Samelis with masculine pronouns.