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June Pelo
11-12-17, 21:25
According to an article in The Finnish American Reporter, December 2017, by Mika Tompuri, the U. S. State Department was prepared to relocate the entire Finnish population to Alaska during World War II. The threat of Soviet occupation loomed over Finland, sovereignty could be lost and the citizens severely persecuted. The plan would have American freighters ferry Finnish refugees out of Finland through the ports of northern Norway. Tens of thousands of Finns would then be provided with land in the territory of Alaska.. they even coined a new name to be called Finalaska. In the end, the plan became irrelevant. Finland managed to pull through the Winter War. But four years later Finnish independence was threatened again. U. S. intelligence had learned troubling news about Soviet plans for Finland. So the plans for evacuation were expanded to include nearly the entire population of Finland. But the Red Army did not march over Finland and evacuation plans were scrapped. The papers were filed away in a safe and rediscovered in the archives of the Hoover Institute by Henry Oinas-Kukkonen, a historian at the University of Oulu in Finland.

Mika Tompuri
The Finnish American Reporter, December 2017