View Full Version : Nils Tolonen born 1520

Darrell Kaikkonen
15-12-17, 02:55
I would like to find any information at all on this individual and I only have the following:
Nils Tolonen born in 1520 and married in Kainuu in 1555.
I believe he was associated with Vuoreslahti and Kouteniemi at Oulujärvi.
A pedigree file would be most appreciated, or any links, files or records would be a plus.
I would like to hear from a direct line (father to son) male descendant that would have the same Ydna as Nils Tolonen.

Thank you,

Darrell Kaikkonen

June Pelo
15-12-17, 15:33
The Talko database has over 100 Tolonen names, but there was no one named Nils.