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31-03-04, 20:40
I find the different blood groups interesting. I have blood group B (supposedly from east Europe) and my husband has 0. We have three children, one has group B and two have 0. The two with group 0 are the most like my husband, looks and behaviour. The one with my blood group looks like me and has the same humour etc. I'm now interested in finding out what bloodgroups the grandchildren have.
Maybe when we are listed under DNA genealogy etc. will become more simple!

June Pelo
31-03-04, 21:22
Here is an article about DNA genealogy.


31-03-04, 22:03
Many thanks for the attachment. Very interesting. It's nice to know where I eventually came from. Africa, east Asia. Very strange. Must be my Finnish grandfather!

31-03-04, 22:10
For those who are interested and who can't use RTF -files:

The article June mentioned is also online on SFHS' website at this
address (http://sfhs.eget.net/wikijp.html) - among many more articles from Junes collection.

The articles underlined and followed by a question mark are being entered into the search engine and not available at this point - but they are coming.

If you aren't familiar with June's articles - take a look!

01-04-04, 19:06
Many thanks for informing me of June's articles. I've read several already and will look at more another time.
Being new I would not have been able to find these without your help.