View Full Version : Johan Gabriel Kotala-Hannula

Karen Norwillo
18-12-17, 18:33
Can anyone tell me where this family went? On the 1890-1900 rippi for Käsmä, Kuolajärvi (Salla) there is a notation which I can't read. Johan Gabriel Gabrielsson Kollaskota (Kotala) settled on Hannula farm when he married. When his first wife died in 1887, he remarried to Fredrika Tervo on 26 Jan 1890. Anyone? Thank you.

Jaska Sarell
18-12-17, 20:16
Alemma (old style Finnish) = downward [on the page]

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
18-12-17, 22:43
Thank you so much. I thought it was a place name. My Finnish isn't too good.