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01-01-18, 14:24
Back when I joined Finlander Forum in 2008 I only had a few names on my Soderholm side now I have over 200 thanks to Seppo and a few other researchers. I just wanted to share my 13 x great grandfather Heikki Nokka line.
Heikki was a house owner in 1540 but I don't have any dates for his birth, marriage or death nor a few of his descendants just the year range they owned houses, I am assuming in or around Pertteli Nåckahidis. Marten Mattson is the first one to have a recorded date of death, his descendants have recorded dates.

Can someone please tell me what "Torp." and "Talon polka" means:confused:

If anyone has more information or connected to this line I would love to hear from you:o.


01-01-18, 15:44
I am also a relative of a Nokka farm, but looks like this is not the same one. Mine is Nokka in Karinainen, Marttila. Nokka means a beak, a nose or a tip of something, so it is a common enough name for a household.

"Talon poika" is actually a misspelling, it should be "talonpoika", which means farmer (it comes from "talon poika" which means "the son of a House"). Talonpoika typically owns their land and property and the farm house has a name and is inherited. "Torp." is short for torppari, which is a lower class farmer than talonpoika. A torppari had to rent a small part of a farm's land where they built a house (so called torppa) and typically paid for it in work and products. The treatment of torpparis by their talonpoika masters was often not stellar and the rent could be unreasonable, which was one of the many factors that lead to the Civil War in 1918.

For further context, in Finnish genealogy the terms for farmers who rent their land are typically arendaattori, lampuoti, torppari and mäkitupalainen, where arendaattori is the best off and mäkitupalainen the least. Arendaattori typically could pay for renting an entire farm in cash, whereas a lampuoti could rent the whole farm, but usually paid with both money and with work and cultivars. Torppari I already explained and mäkitupalainen could not rent any farmland at all, only a small cottage, and had to pay with work to the master (mäkitupalainen implies "lives in a hut on a hill").

June Pelo
01-01-18, 16:29
I noted that Jaska has this Martintalo data on Talko. I just did a quick calculation and found that you, Tracy, are related to the Finnish musician Einar Swan through his mother. Several years ago I worked with Sven Bjerstedt on the search for Einar's ancestors and I posted some of the results here on the Forum.

Jaska Sarell
01-01-18, 19:37
This is how I have Nokka relationship between Tracy, Einar Swan and me.

:) Jaska

June Pelo
01-01-18, 20:23
Wow, Jaska... that makes my eyeballs spin! I think we're all 7th cousins once removed of Einar Swan.

02-01-18, 00:00
WOW Jaska, is this the same line you discovered we had a common ancestor 9 x great grandmother - Anna I think, ill have a look tonight after work, I have so many Finnish/Scandinavian DNA matches sometimes I feel like I'm related to everyone in Finland lol. I have no idea where they all fit in.YET!

02-01-18, 00:02
Thanks June, I wish I didn't have to go to work now so I can look into this more. Sigh! lol
Have a great day/night

Jaska Sarell
02-01-18, 00:55
Tracy, that's not the same line, but since our other line can also be connected to Einar Swan, I'll attach that as well.

June, we really have many connections with Einar Swan through his father.

:) Jaska

June Pelo
02-01-18, 14:47
That's right, Jaska.. we are his 7 thru 12th cousins..

Karen Norwillo
03-01-18, 15:17
Einar Swan was my 7th cousin, once removed.

June Pelo
03-01-18, 15:33
You are related in other ways to Swan, and also to Jaska and to me.. I sent you reports showing our relationships..

Karen Norwillo
04-01-18, 02:45
Thanks, June. I'm related to the nicest people.