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04-01-18, 22:17
I am new to this forum, so please tell me if I use it wrong. I also are uncertain about language. I am Norwegian and understand Swedish, so any respons can be in Swedish. Can I write Norwegian?

Here is my post:
Information about our Finish family (partly undocumented)
My great grand father was
Albert Edvard Bäckström,
born Feb 12. 1842 Frisans Espoo Uusimaa Finland
died Mar 8. 1887 Helsinki, burried in Espoo.
His parents was:
Rusthollar Johan Bäckström
born Des 10 1802 Petas, Kvamby, Espoo, died Espoo 1852
and Eva Ulrika Malmström
born Des 21 1807 Stor Stubbans
He married Brynhilde Johnsdatter Thormodsæter born Jul 31 Finnås, Norway
They married in Norway Oct 3 1875.
Albert Edvard Bäckström was ship captain, and he and his wife sailed together for 2 years.
The ship was involved in an accident in the English channel, and Albert had to quit as captain.
They moved to Finland and got 5 children.
John b. 1877 d. 1886 birthplace unknown, burried at Espoo.
Berta and her twin sister Ulrikke b. Jan 15 1879, Borgö (Helsinki?) , Finland
Arvid Thorstein b. Des 15 1880 Kirkoby, Tuusula (document, SSHY)
Alith-Elise b. Sep 16 1883 Kirkoby, Tuusula (documented document, SSHY)
When Albert died i 1887, Brynhilde and the children move back to Norway

I have a few questions and hope to get some help.
My main interest is to find out where my great grandparents lived
for the period 1877 to 1887, what kind of lives they had and what Albert was doing.
I have not found any documentation where my Grandmother Berta was born (Borgö?, Helsinki?).
Where shall I look for that?
I would also appriciate any additional information related to the information above.
What was a Rusthollar?
What kind of place was Frisans and Stor Stubbans?

Best regards
Knut Torsethaugen

Jaska Sarell
04-01-18, 23:38
English is perfect in this forum.
I tried to find some answers to your queries.
You apparently have access to SSHY member pages.
The family lived in Tuusula with the family of krono länsmannen Johan Victor Frostell and his wife Ulrika Nathalia Bäckström (maybe Albert's sister, not checked): http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=12976&pnum=102 before moving to Espoo in 1885.
Children listed in children's book (lastenkirja): http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=12983&pnum=44
Birth place Tuusula (Thusby) is given to older children as well, but that may be an error. I cannot find family in previous communion book, only Frostell couple. No idea, what Borgö could be Borgå (Finnish Porvoo), but I couldn't find births recorded on given dates neither in Porvoo nor Tuusula.
Rusthållare was a farmer of a rusthåll: https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rusth%C3%A5ll
Frisans is today a populated area in Espoo (Finnish Friisilä), but may have been a larger farm. Stor Stubbans (now Storstubb) is still a farm in Porkkalanniemi (Porkala udd) peninsula in Kirkkonummi (Kyrkslätt). You may search Frisans and Storstubb at mapsite: https://asiointi.maanmittauslaitos.fi/karttapaikka/?lang=en

Maybe someone can help you further.

:) Jaska

05-01-18, 15:34
Thanks alot for comments and information so far.
My grandfather (married to Berta Bäckström) has written some of the history, and
Ulrika Nathalie Bäckström (Alberts sister) was married to Johan Victor Frostell as you indicated.

I don't have acsess to SSHY member area, but used the following links:
and got this document:
That means I can not access the links you provided.
What is the difference and benefit for members?
I also looked at:
A search for Bäckström gave the following result:

As I said, my great grandfather Albert Edvard Bäckström was a ship captain
Are there any sources that can give more information connected to seamen, the ship accident
in the English channel I mentioned and the 2 year proccess that followed preventing him being a captain
internationally. He got a permit as steam boat captain on inland ships.

Jaska Sarell
05-01-18, 20:38
Sorry, I didn't notice that birth records were available on free pages (until 1885). Member pages have them longer (to 1909 in case of Tuusula), and communion books exist from 1880 to 1910. I linked those between 1880 and 1889. No other new info to what is already mentioned than birthday for son Johan Edvard 17 Oct 1877.
Unfortunately there's no newer records online for Espoo yet.

:) Jaska

08-01-18, 10:38
Thanks again for information.
I have a few specific questions connected to the ship accident mentioned.
a) What was the name of the ship and what actually happend in the English channel 1877
A possible candidate could be "Mary Helen" / April 16. 1877 see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_shipwrecks_in_1877
but I need to find a link to Albert.
Are there any historical records or newspapers in finish that might have information of such events?
If the ship was Finish, will it be possible to find ship names and crew for the actual period?
b) The 2 year process that followed was probably a maritime inquiry or also a trial.
If this process was run in Finland, will it be possible to track it in any archives?

Does anyone have advise how to get such information, or is it not possible?
Best regards

Jaska Sarell
08-01-18, 12:51
You may try to search digitized Finnish newspapers at https://digi.kansalliskirjasto.fi/
Choose Swedish or English user interface from upper right corner.

:) Jaska

31-01-18, 21:23
Hi again.
Since my last post, I have been in contact with English sources, and found new information.
I still have some question about Albert Bäckström, and hope for some advice.

According to Ship lists from Lloyds and newspapers a captain Backstrom (no forename) was on the ship Ilmatar (Russian, Finnish? bark) (build in Boston, Nova Scotia 1855)
In 1876 the ship sailed from Pensacola March 9 to Hull. They grounded on Roar Sand, Dungeness May 18 and was towed to Sheerness, Grimsby June 3.
This was a dramatic event described in detail in several newspapers both English and Finnish.
The newspapers also tells that the captains wife (Brynhilde?) was rescued first, a strong indication that the captain was Albert.
See: https://digi.kansalliskirjasto.fi/sanom ... rm=Ilmatar
I have very good reasons to beleive that Albert took his wife with him onboard after they married in october 1875.
To be sure, a form of crew would be nice.
I have been in contact with Lloyds in London and British Maritime Archive, but they have limited information about crew lists for foreign vessels.
My question is: Do it exist crew list for Finnish vessel for this period, and where can I in that case get them?
In my contact with Lloyds their "finnish" contact refere to records from "Sjömannshus", can anyone tell if this is relevant and where to look?

I am also interrested in crew lists for other vessels he (probably) was captain on for the period 1871 to 1879,
so information where to find such information will be very welcommed.
One of the ships was called Evogina where Bäckström was captain at least in the period Sep 1877 to Oct 1879,
according to ship list i Finish newspapers but still no forename.

Another finding is that kapten Bäckström was "reisende" from Thusby to Fredriksgatan 25, Helsingfors, Jan. 19. 1882.
Their youngest daugther Alith-Elise was born in Thusby in Sep 16. 1883, so they could have to adresses for a period?
Albert died at the same adress in 1887, but was burried in Esbo.

Best regards Knut

June Pelo
01-02-18, 17:02
I looked in the archives for seamen's homes, and found these replies.. Ingemar Ekman has done some research about them: http://finlander.genealogia.fi/showthread.php?9406-Merchant-Marines-in-Finland-1860s&highlight=ingemar+ekman

01-02-18, 19:33
According to what I've been able to find out online, most Seamen's House record have been well preserved, but are not particularly easy to browse to get a full picture. They are mostly not digitized so you'd have to go into a physical archive to research them. There is also this page in Finnish with a searchable database, but it requires membership of the Finnish Genealogical Society:


I am not a member yet, so I can't vouch for the quality of the records.

Jaska Sarell
01-02-18, 21:27
As a member I checked the index for references to Albert Edvard Bäckström
1866 Helsingin merimieshuone Bc13 :795.
1868 Helsingin merimieshuone Bc14 :795.
1872 Helsingin merimieshuone Bc14 :795.
1869 Helsingin merimieshuone Bc14 :795.
1863 Helsingin merimieshuone Bc13 :795.
1870 Helsingin merimieshuone Bc14 :795.
1862 Helsingin merimieshuone Bc13 :795.
1864 Helsingin merimieshuone Bc13 :795.
1861 Helsingin merimieshuone Bc13 :795.
1867 Helsingin merimieshuone Bc14 :795.
1865 Helsingin merimieshuone Bc13 :879.
1871 Helsingin merimieshuone Bc14 :795.

Helsingin merimieshuone (se: Helsingfors sjömanshus) archives are located at Helsingin kaupunginarkisto (Helsinki City Archive).

:) Jaska

June Pelo
02-02-18, 15:48
I asked Ingemar Ekman about Seamen's Houses and he replied:

I checked the two "Seamen´s house" in Åland that has digital images but I did not find him in their name index for sailors

Mariehamns sjömanshus 1875-1955
Vårdö sjömanshus 1868-1954

About 40 Seamens house in Sweden has also been digitalized but I have not checked them