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Karen Norwillo
13-01-18, 22:04
Can someone translate this notation about Anders Simonsson Norr Ena 1760 and wife Margeta Johansdotter 1754. I'm trying to trace them after this rippikirja in Enaperä, Evijärvi. There's also a notation regarding some of his children about Purmojärvi 1806. Thank you,

13-01-18, 23:41
I assume this is:

"Bo nu på Skåttari hn. i Purmojärvi by uttaget betyg den 30nde Dec: i 1806."

Which means:

"Lives now in Skottari House in Purmojärvi village, took out a certificate on the 30th of December, 1806."

It'd make the most sense this refers to the house in Lappajärvi. And indeed, here you see them arriving to the parish on the 18th of January 1807:


And here the family is in Skottars, Purmojärvi, though the writing is really messy:


Karen Norwillo
13-01-18, 23:50
Thank you so much for the reply. I appreciate it.