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17-01-18, 16:51
I have discovered a location for Finnish greatgrandparents in church confirmation records. The headings are in Swedish but there are addresses written in by hand which I believe are Finnish. I have identified the village( Keihereinkoski), area(Viitisaari), province( Vaasa), Can anyone help me with the following part of the geography:
no. 4 Solisniemi, Rantala torp ( hand written)
Here is the complete "event place"....
no. 4 Solisniemi, Rantala Torp
Keiherinkoski, Viitisaari, Vaasa, Finland
thanks, Ed (Strandman) Hartshorn

Jaska Sarell
17-01-18, 18:48
You may search MapSite at https://asiointi.maanmittauslaitos.fi/karttapaikka/?lang=en
for Solisniemi and Keihärinkoski (note spelling) both in Viitasaari parish.
Here is Keihärinkoski: https://asiointi.maanmittauslaitos.fi/karttapaikka/?share=customMarker&n=6999258.144&e=427042.00200000004&title=Keih%C3%A4rinkoski&desc=&zoom=7&layers=%5B%7B%22id%22%3A2%2C%22opacity%22%3A100%7D %5D
Solisniemi peninsula is SE from that. By zooming in you can spot Rantala farm near Soliskylä village name. That might be the same as former Rantala croft (torp).

:) Jaska

17-01-18, 22:26
Here you can see three much older maps of the area. I can't see Rantala in them, but it will help you locate other bigger households and get an idea of the places they lived and worked in.


18-01-18, 21:08
Thanks Anteroinen ! Great help for my research. Ed

18-01-18, 21:14
Thanks Jaska ! I could not find those areas but now I see that the records are based on the parish of Viitisaari. Great maps and information ! I am still puzzled about the designation of "no. 4." Could be the parish farm numbering system but not as important to me as the location. thanks again, Ed

19-01-18, 01:13
Number four was the number of the farm of Solisniemi. The numbers were especially prominently used in records in eastern parts of Finland in my experience, but they are useful for identifying the household in records in general. Rantala torp would be a smaller rented piece of farmland, which belonged to the Solisniemi farm, and which thus did not have its own number.

19-01-18, 20:58
Thank you Anteroinen ! Makes sense since the information was hand written on the church document.