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Karen Norwillo
01-02-18, 20:38
Looking to find the parents of Eric Clemetsson Jackola 16.5.1689-23.2.1755 Jackola, Storby, Kemijärvi. He married Beatha Johansdotter Karfwo 1690-4.11.1771 on 24.11.1717 in Kemijärvi. The Junttila/Jackola line originated in Utajärvi in the early 1500's. My line goes through Jaakko Klemetinpoika Junttila. The family moved to Kemijärvi c 1643 and took the name Jaakkola/Jackola finally moving to Kuolajärvi (Salla) as Sulasalmi. Eric's line remained in Kemijärvi. I have some info on part of the family of my earliest known ancestor, but not Eric's. Any help appreciated. I've searched SSHY until I'm cross-eyed.:confused:

Juho Junttila 1540
Klemet 1565 Tapani 1566
Tapani 1590-1677 Jaakko 1598-1676 Klemet ? Olli ?
my line through Jaakko

02-02-18, 01:22
The earliest communion books only say "sahl. Clemets son Erich" which means "son of the blessed [i.e. deceased] Clemet, Erich". You probably need to go look at tax records for the area to try to solve this mystery.


Karen Norwillo
02-02-18, 03:49
Thank you. I did see the rippi you show, but unfortunately it doesn't answer the mystery. I'll just have to keep looking. Thanks for the suggestion of tax records. Karen