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05-02-18, 22:46
I am trying to find anything I can about Emma, who married my great uncle Otto Vilhelm Merijärvi (this is his name in Finland), or William Johnson in USA. They lived in Chisholm, Minnesota. They later moved to Traverse City, Michigan approximately 1930. I am also trying to find out when and where they got married.

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06-02-18, 01:13
a family tree on Ancestry shows Emma Johanna Lagerström, born 1.8.1890, Kronoby

there was a Emma Johanna born on that date in Kronoby; parents Johan Hansson Gertrud, born 22.6.1853, Larsmo; and Maria Johanna Lagerström, born 1.1.1865, Kronoby

06-02-18, 01:22
Minnesota Official Marriage System (MOMS) Index shows William Johnson and Emma Lagerstrom married 28.3.1910, St. Louis County, MN...you can request a copy for $9


first born child according to that family tree was Arnold William Johnson, born 21.12.1910, Chisholm, MN...so maybe his parents were married in Chisholm?

June Pelo
08-02-18, 21:41
I wasn't able to reply to your query so I sent you a private message giving details of Otto and his children. Hope you found it. If not, let me know.

09-02-18, 05:39
It makes sense if they got married in Chisholm because his sisters, Ida, Hilda and Tilda all lived here at that time. Sorry, June, I haven't found your private message.


June Pelo
09-02-18, 13:40
Here's what I sent.. Hasse told me that the reason I couldn't reply earlier was because I used an umlaut ö which the system didn't recognize!

Name Lagerström, Emma Johanna
Born 1 Aug 1890 Kronoby Gender Died 3 Sep 1967 Traverse City, Mi

Father Gertruds, Johan Hansson Lagerström, b. 22 Jun 1853, Larsmo d. 13 Jul 1919 (Age 66 years)
Mother Lagerström, Maria Johanna Johansdr, b. 1 Jan 1865, Kronoby

Family Nyberg, Otto Vilhelm Johnson, b. 8 Jan 1886, Kronoby , d. 27 Jun 1976, Traverse City, Mi (Age 90 years)
Married 28 Mar 1910 Chisholm, MN
1. Johnson, Arnold William, b. 21 Dec 1910, Chisholm, MN , d. 24 Sep 1976, Traverse City, Mi (Age 65 years)
2. Johnson, Alfonso John, b. 31 Jul 1912, Chisholm, MN d. 7 Apr 1979, Ann Arbor, MI (Age 66 years)
3. Johnson, A.L.H.
4. Johnson, O.O.
5. Johnson, E.V.N.
6. Johnson, Myrtle Evelyn Weber, b. 13 Sep 1921, Chisholm, MN d. 28 May 1975, Traverse City, Mi (Age 53 years)
7. Johnson, B.S.M.P.

11-02-18, 16:40
Thank you so much June. You filled in many blanks in my research. I have been trying to thank you many times and hitting the reply hasn't worked - hopefully it will now.

June Pelo
11-02-18, 19:10
You're Welcome.

12-02-18, 05:43
Thank you to you, too. Alan. Have a good evening, sue