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Margaret Rader
01-04-04, 22:50
Today I found photos of my great grandfather and also my great uncle on the new photos posted at Genealogical Society of Finland website. The photos are from Petalax.
My great grandfather's tombstone has F.d. Bonden on top line and then his name Israel Granholm. I know what bonden means but don't understand the F.d.
Thanks in advance.

Margaret Holm Rader

The picture ( /Hasse

01-04-04, 23:54
It apparently means före detta bonden i.e. formerly farmer. You saw this F.d. often earlier in phone books in Sweden and Finland and it indicated that the person had retired from his profession.


Margaret Rader
02-04-04, 00:47
Thank you Staffan! Just what I needed to know.

And thanks Hasse for posting the picture. I am really excited to have this find.