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Eric Sakara
09-02-18, 03:32
I am planning a trip to Finland this coming summer. I want to find my father's birth record. He was born in Rouvesi. His father changed the family name after my father was born. I want to find his name at birth.

Is it possible to access these records from Helsinki or do I have to travel to Rouvesi? Where would I go in person to get the information (address)?


13-08-18, 03:04
Finland has fairly heavy-duty privacy laws, so if your father is still alive, you may not be able to access it all that easily without consent. Of course, you also may have to provide documentation that proves you are the lineal descendant/heir. For people who are long deceased, the Digitial Archives of the National Archives of Finland, the Finland Family History Association, and the Genealogical Society of Finland might offer some insights. Good luck!