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June Pelo
09-02-18, 04:06
Coal is still widely used for heating homes in the major cities of southern Finland, such as Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Lahti. Finland wants to rid itself of coal-burning power plants in the next seven years. To keep homes warm and provide electricity without coal, the short-term solution is to replace coal with natural gas which gives off 60% fewer emissions. The government will make its final decision on the coal ban when Environment Minister Tiilikainen's report is finished.

Finnish researchers believe that wood pulp is a super material that will be able to replace plastics, synthetic fibers and cotton as raw materials. With a decline in demand for paper, Finland's crucial forest products industry has been scrambling to develop new products. One focus has been nanocellulose. Traditional pulp is ground up with enzymes into a form that reshapes its fundamental characteristics. It can then be used to create new types of products. It has been used to make prototypes of camp stools, bicycles and shoes. Cellulose could also be used as a raw material for 3D printing instead of materials based on plastic.

FAR February 2018

09-02-18, 10:39
Heating with wood pellets is, in my opinion, a much better option than peat, which Finnish industry likes to PRETEND is totally renewable. Not only does it destroy the Finnish marshlands, it takes literally thousands of years to renew itself. Sure, that's a whole different timescale that the renewability of coal, but it's still not really sustainable.