View Full Version : Victor Bjorklund from Kronoby, Finland

Alf Blomqvist
12-02-18, 09:45
I'm searching all possible information re. my grandmother's half-sibling Johan Viktor* Nilsson born on Skutnabba, in Jeussen, Söderby, Kronoby, Finland. He was born 02/12/1866 and used later name Johan Viktor Björklund. In USA he used Victor Bjorklund.

According to Boris Björklund in Kronoby he went to USA 05/02/1892 and according to my info (also) 03/22/1900. He is declared dead 1/1/1958 according to June Pelo 12/3/2002.

His half-siblings also went to USA:

1. Nils Alfred* Nilsson Björklund, later Bjorklund (born 12/04/1877 in Kronoby, dead 08/26/1947 in Ironwood, Gogebic County, Michigan.

2. Anders Emil* Nilsson Björklund, later Bjorklund (born 09/04/1881 in Kronoby, dead 07/20/1937 in Negaunee, Marquette County, Michigan.

3. Frans Otto* Nilsson Björklund, later Frank* Otto Nelson (born 10/07/1887 in Kronoby, dead 10/13/1930 in Ashland, Ashland County, Wisconsin).