View Full Version : Karl Alfred Sunabacka

Karen Norwillo
12-02-18, 22:47
Can anyone translate the notation for him when he moved into Esse 5 Jan 1895? It looks like förso ? för ung?? He married a distant cousin of mine in 1902.
Thank you,

Jaska Sarell
13-02-18, 00:40
Comparing to other similar notes on the page, I figure that they mean:
försv. = försvarlig, eligible
välfr. = välfräjdad , reputable
för ung, too young (for marriage) - others have ledig or gift

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
13-02-18, 15:40
Thank you. I wish sshy/ffha would get the Terjärv records online. The other site I have for that parish doesn't go past 1850, as does HisKi. I've able to follow him once he moved into Esse.