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18-02-18, 23:08
Would like to find out if there might be obituaries on two great-aunts who died in Finland: Anna Sofia Johannesdotter Moliis, D. 07 September 1975, in Replot and Hilda Helena Johannesdotter Moliis, D. 27 October 1937 in Vasa. I have their grave sites and am thinking that, if available, the newspaper notices could provide some more historical information. Any suggestions on how to go about this? Thanks.

19-02-18, 00:14
It might be possible to find obituaries from 1970s by searching old issues of local papers in some sort of a physical archive (maybe the national archives?), but while that might be possible, the end result might be disappointing. Usually - which is to say in 99.9% of the cases - modern Finnish obituaries at most give the first names of those who are considered the appropriate family members to be mourning for the deceased, and maybe the location and date of the burial and where you go for coffee afterwards. Often also a short poem chosen by one of the relatives.

I am not sure what to do about 1937, around that time an obituary might also give the manner of death. Those are not digitized yet, but will probably get digitized in the coming years. Last two years the Digital National Archive has been adding ten years worth of newspapers annually! But as you can see from their website, the amount of unpublished digitized information is lessening. https://digi.kansalliskirjasto.fi/?language=en

In general, however, obituaries in Finland are minimalistic and it is unlikely that there is anything else mentioned in the paper, unless the manner of death was newsworthy, or the person was the oldest person in the village or they were famous.