View Full Version : How to reply?

June Pelo
24-02-18, 23:55
Just had a query from a woman asking for research help. When I sent the data, she said: "How does it feel to be so old"...!!!

25-02-18, 01:23
too bad you didn't put the data on a bungee cord...you could have taken it back...

Karen Norwillo
28-02-18, 15:27
Possible reply: Wonderful.Old enough to have learned how to say "thank you."

June Pelo
28-02-18, 15:38
Great comments.. the woman was from Finland and didn't speak English very well. She was half my age, so I suppose I appeared to be ancient to her. I just laughed it off. :)

Alf Blomqvist
28-02-18, 17:10
Dålig stil - beror inte bara på åldern.

June Pelo
28-02-18, 19:46
Thanks, Alf. As long as she is happy with the what we found, that's OK with me.