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10-04-18, 20:56
Trying to find names and information about the parents for Bertha Sofia Hagglund, born 18 May 1865 in Finland. Also, she immigrated to the United States in either 1884 or 1888 and used the name of Sophia. Is it possible that her name could also be spelled Sefia? Many thanks for your time and consideration.

10-04-18, 23:11
Do you have any information about what part of Finland she came from? I can't find her on any the records that I have available, but if you have an idea of the name of the town, it'd be quite easy for us to check.

Sefia isn't really a Finnish form of Sophia, that looks like a misspelling. Unless it is short for Serafia?

June Pelo
11-04-18, 15:55
She could be Brita Sofia Johansdotter Gästgivars, b. 18 May 1865, Monå, Munsala, died in Munsala 29 Sep 1919. She went to America 1896 but returned home. Was deaf. She had sister Caisa, b. 14 Mar 1848, who married Carl Eriksson Ryss - Hägglund. Caisa and Carl had a daughter Anna Carolina, b. 1885 in Munsala. Brita Sofia's parents were: Johan Carlsson Gästgivars, b. 6 July 1829, Monå, Munsala, d. 21 Jul 1893, Munsala, married 7 Jul 1847, Munsala, to Sanna Henriksdotter Lassila, b. 11 May 1826, Lassila, Jeppo, d. 5 Nov 1909, Monå.

10-05-18, 18:24
Hi to June Pelo and Anteroinen,

Thank you for your replies. Anna Carolina Hagglund (Molis) was my grandmother. I came across Bertha Sofia (known locally as Sofia) when I researched her daughter, Hulda Sophia (Schumann) Jarvis who was only known to me as a family “friend.” According to census records, Sofia immigrated to the United States in either 1884 or 1888, and indicated that she could speak English. From the Minnesota marriage database Bertha Sophia Hagglund married Frank Schumann 04 December 1899. Her death certificate clearly lists her birth date as 18 May 1865 in Finland; however, her mother and father’s names were indicated as unknown. Sofia died 27 June 1934 and is buried in Park Hill Cemetery, Duluth. She lived at the same address as my grandmother in Duluth, Minnesota, USA, in 1905. There is undoubtedly a family relationship but exactly seems remains to be discovered. That is the purpose of my search, to find that relationship. I mentioned the word “Sefia” as it appears on the back of a photo with my Grandmother Anna and another woman. Could be a misspelling or something else entirely. When and if I can find the birth location in the future, I will let you know. Appreciate your time and consideration.