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June Pelo
11-04-18, 21:13
Except for English, the popularity of studying foreign languages has been failing in Finland for years. Less than half as many students take secondary education finals in Swedish language studies than before. French and German have also been declining in popularity. The effect on the Finnish economy is not known. Employers have long bemoaned the lack of proficient speakers of foreign languages on the job market.

Parliament approved a change in the parent law initiative which means two mothers can be recognized as the mothers of a baby from birth. The change applies to same-sex partnerships if one of the women uses fertility treatment in order to have a baby. Currently the woman who does not give birth to the baby must legally adopt the child in order to legally become a parent.

For the 11th consecutive year Veera Kaupi, a forward for Koovee Salibandy and the Finnish national team, has been chosen as the world's best female floorball player. Floorball is a type of floor hockey with five players and a goalkeeper.

FAR, April 2018