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June Pelo
19-04-18, 21:36
A retired couple in Sarasota, FL decided to adopt a baby and went to an adoption agency. Soon they were in Guatemala getting acquainted with a 1-year-old girl named Margarita Elizabeth Rivas Garcia, who they named Keleigh Koeniger. That was 14 years ago, and recently Jim and Leigh Koeniger decided to buy an Ancestry kit to trace their ancestry.

A few weeks ago they received the results and something unexpected appeared. The name Gustavo Garcia was at the top of Keleigh's list of potential relatives. She sent Garcia a message: "I think I may be your sister."

Gustavo Garcia was born in Guatemala and came to the US when he was 6. He lives in Illinois. He is 20 years old and attends college in Illinois... he wants to be a psychiatrist. His adoptive mother has a condo on Siesta Key in Sarasota, Florida and Gustavo has visited her there several times over the years. That means he was just a few miles from his sister who lives in Nokomis, but they didn't know it then. He has been interested in his heritage and bought an Ancestry kit. And that's how he connected with his sister.

Recently the Koenigers drove to Fort Myers to pick up Gustavo Garcia at the airport. He said when he saw Keleigh he knew she was his sister.. he said she looked just like him. They discovered that both of the ring fingers on their right hands curve the same and their left pinkie toe twists to the side identically. He spent a week with the Koeniger family and they plan to get together again. (There's a picture of them in the article, and they do look alike.)

Sarasota Herald-Tribune, April 2018