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Karen Norwillo
01-05-18, 16:33
My question is concerning an Anders (Antti Antinpoika) Nojonen who married Brita Olofsdotter (Ollintytär) Kurtti (Curtti) in 1803 Kuolajärvi, Kemijärvi. There is one born 17.2.1776 and one found 1781. Parents Anders Ericsson Nojonen-Ahola and Anna Andersdotter Pesonen. I find no birth for the 1781 Anders and no death for the 1776 Anders. I would assume the first Anders died hence two Anders.:confused:
Any help appreciated.

01-05-18, 20:24
Hi Karen...if Brita was born 27.5.1778, her husband Anders was born in 1781...bottom of page at both links...



Karen Norwillo
01-05-18, 21:56
Thank you so much. I looked at those before and somehow missed them. Much appreciated.
Absolutely beautiful day here in Allentown, PA.

01-05-18, 22:14
you're welcome Karen...beautiful here in Poland, OH also...Spring has finally arrived in NE Ohio...Alan