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29-05-18, 22:38
Have hit a brick wall ! Have seemingly exhausted search sites to find info on my grandmother and her parents/relatives. Mary Tianen married David Strandman in Ohio on Jan 14, 1909. She lists her parents as Antti Tianen and Santra Tuohinen. Info I have on Mary: born April 12, 1885. Ship manifest at Ellis Island of March 19, 1906 shows Wiitisaari, Finland as home. ( I have plenty of info on David Strandman thanks to Finnish Forum help ! ) The manifest also spells her name as “Maria Tiaanen.” I know Antti is Finnish for Anders which I have researched as well. I have found some Tianens but none in Wiitisaari and none that I could tie to Mary(Maria). I have found a couple of Maria Tianens but have ruled them out as either born in early 1800’s or emigrated to other areas in the USA after 1910.
Are there any sites other than Hiski( which is wonderful by the way) I can search? I have been unable, especially, to find sites that have births, confirmations, etc in the 1880’s around the time of Mary’s birth. I think finding the marriage of Mary’s parents would be a great step in the search. Lastly, I am suspicious of her mother’s name, Santra Tuohinen—does not seem to fit in the language.
Any clues/pointers will be appreciated.

30-05-18, 18:15
The Passenger List for the SS St Paul shows Maria Tianen, age 20, on Page 4, Line 11...the Record of Detained Aliens for passengers from the same ship shows Olga Tianen, Manifest (Group-Number) 4-11, received one meal and was discharged to Mrs Matthews in the afternoon of 3/19...the detention was most likely because the friend did not come to meet her...

Olga Maria Tiainen was born 7.4.1885, Viitasaari; but her parents were Matti Tiainen and Anna Kauppinen...

Mistakes were made on those marriage records, with regard to the names of parents...perhaps this was one of those times?

30-05-18, 18:40
Alma Mathews helped to establish a home in New York City for immigrant women and also served as a greeter at Ellis Island...

Karen Norwillo
30-05-18, 18:41
Her headstone on Find-a-Grave has DOB as 12 Apr 1883. The name Santra (Sandra) was found in several areas in Finland. Surname Tianen was found in Viitasaari as well as other areas. I checked 1883-1885 births in Viitasaari on SSHY without luck.

Karen Norwillo
30-05-18, 19:21
To add more confusion, a Stiina Maria Antintytär Tiainen left Viitasaari in 1905 for Kivijärvi. Perhaps she left for US from there?? There were several Tiainen/Tianen found in Kivijärvi.

30-05-18, 22:13
that might be her, Karen...she was born 15.4.1883, Kivijarvi...and moved from there to Viitasaari in 1905...according to the birth record, her parents were Antti Tiainen and Kustava Tuohioja...

30-05-18, 22:43
that was the wrong passenger list...i think this is the right one...Stina Tiainen, age 23, going to Ashtabula, OH

Karen Norwillo
31-05-18, 00:39
Here's the birth image from Kivijärvi. Looks like Tiina Maria.

Karen Norwillo
31-05-18, 03:04
Found someone in Kivijärvi who may be her mother. 11.8.1855 Siikaniemi, Jakob Tuohioja and Lena Maija Kauppinen, born Alexandra Gustava. Alexandra could be Sandra.

Karen Norwillo
31-05-18, 03:47
Here's the birth of Alexandra Gustava Jakobsdotter Tuohioja and the marriage of Anders and Alexandra on 22 Jan 1876 in Kivijärvi. Hope these are the correct ones.

31-05-18, 04:30
the passenger list for the SS Ionian, showing Stiina Tiainen, identifies a mother and the first name looks like Sandra...

Karen Norwillo
31-05-18, 16:37
Here's some more images of the family. Anders Ananias Stinasson Tiainen was born öä 1 May 1853. He died 18 Sep 1889 at age 36. His mother Stina Lisa Tiainen later married Matts Nåtti born 5 Jul 1824. I would think Alexandra Gustava probably remarried. The name on that manifest looks like it begins with a P??:confused:

Karen Norwillo
31-05-18, 17:32
Looks like Anders and Alexandra (Sandra) had several children. Anna born just before her father died.

Karen Norwillo
31-05-18, 18:12
Here's the family 1900-1909, 1903 move to Viitasaari and 1904 re-marriage of Sandra Gustava to Kustaa Pasanen. Hopes thia all helps.

June Pelo
31-05-18, 21:31
Good work Karen and Alan... you are a good team. :)

31-05-18, 21:53
I always wondered about this since her destination was 925 Columbus Ave, New York. c/o Sister Hapyla(sp?) on the manifest.
I assume this was the destination for Alma Mathews.

31-05-18, 21:57
The headstone posted is in Ashtabula, Ohio. The confusion over the birth date is because the marriage certificate has her birthdate as April 12, 1885. I chose that date for my research since it must have been provided by her rather than the tombstone date( and newspaper obit)

31-05-18, 22:01
The one tantalizing lead I had was the birth of Anders Annass.Stinass. Tianen on May 1, 1853. I found that on the church records for no. 3, Falviaislaks, Kuivaniemi, Kivijarvi, Vaasa. You confirmed it Karen !

31-05-18, 22:09
In short, my head is spinning and I am in a state of shock. I need to absorb all this from Karen and Alan. Putting together everything you have uncovered which looks to be accurate is amazing. I can't thank you enough.
I see Karen is in Pa and Alan in Poland, Ohio. I am near Pittsburgh and am familiar with Poland. If Karen is near the Pittsburgh area, I propose to buy dinner for you two at any place of your choosing and time. As Finns, say, Kittos !

Karen Norwillo
31-05-18, 23:06
You're quite welcome. I am on the east coast of PA, Allentown. Alan and I have worked in tandem many times. Kittos to you also.

01-06-18, 01:43
my contribution here was relatively minor compared to what Karen found...and you are most welcome for that...i was using my iPhone while waiting for a flight from San Diego to Chicago...with a connecting flight to Pittsburgh...

Karen Norwillo
01-06-18, 15:46
This timeline of generations may help you in searching further.
1 Anders Ananais Stinasson 1853, Siikaniemi, Kuivaniemi, Kivijärvi
2 Stina Lisa Eliasdotter Tiainen 8 May 1827, Wuonamalax, Kivijärvi
3 Elias Nilsson Tiainen 1780 and Anna Christina Andersdotter 1781

1 Alexandra Gustava Jakobsdotter Tuohioja 1855 Siikaniemi, Kivijärvi
2 Jakob Jakobsson Tuohioja 1818-28 Oct 1855
2 Lena Maria Påhlsdotter Kauppinen (Kaupin) 15 Jun 1818
married 24 Apr 1842

3 Påhl Pehrsson Kaupin 1794 and Maria Johansdotter Kinnunen 1795, married 6 Oct 1815 Lokalax, Kivijärvi.

01-06-18, 17:42
Thanks Karen for the timeline. Your documentation of the second marriage of Sandra to (Kustaa) Pasanen combined with Alan's pointing out the handwritten addition on the manifest of the Ionian was the key. The obviously light pencil-added "mother Sandra" right before the name "Pasanen" tied everything together. Plus the naming of Kivijarvi. Ironically, I had viewed the same manifest about a year ago and dismissed it because of the name ! Plus, the ship landed at Halifax and the immigrants crossed at St. Albans, Vt.
You two are a great team.
Lastly, I have added a photo to my profile of David and Mary Strandman on the steps of their home in Ashtabula, Ohio. Taken in 1944, the handsome little fellow is, of course, me. ( I could not figure out how to post in this body ! ) I hope you can view it.

Karen Norwillo
01-06-18, 18:57
Saw it. Cute.
It took me years to find the manifest for my paternal grandfather who emigrated from Kuolajärvi (Salla) with his brother. Poor spelling didn't help and he came through the port of Philadelphia, which was unusual at the time. Many immigrants entered through Nova Scotia; some crossed via St Albans, some went by train to western destinations entering through various points along the way. My grandpa and his brother went by train from Philly to Michigan. My uncle Matti Alarik is my biggest "brick wall." He died shortly after arriving (it was reported back to home parish) so I have a date, but have never found a place or cause. Maybe someday.