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Karen Norwillo
04-06-18, 19:57
Question regarding this ancestor. Is she the same person as Elisabet (Lisa) Andersdotter Jfs? Born 17.1.1755 to Anders Josephsson Jfs t Rajby and Anna Olofsdotter in Esse. Her entire family died between 1859 and 1865. Was she sent to Maans farm to live? Is she the one who married Jakob Mattsson Pettil in Pedersre 16.7.1775 and died there 21.3.1787?

Jaska Sarell
04-06-18, 21:53
I cannot find any definite proof from communion books, but her going from Jfs to Maans can be explained.
Her mother Anna Olofsdotter Jfs died 19 Aug 1761, a day after giving birth to sixth child. Lisa was then six years old. Her father Anders Josefsson (Rajby) died 23 Mar 1765. He had remarried in 1763 and his widow remarried in 1767.
Lisa was the only surviving child of Anna and Anders, and was probably taken to her aunt's family at Maans. Susanna Olofsdotter Jfs had married 9 Oct 1763 with Erik Pehrsson Maans.
Death age 32 at Pettil matches. Her grandfather Olof Andersson Jfs had moved to Pettil at some time after becoming a widower. That may have something to do, though he had died there already in 1767.

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
04-06-18, 23:21
Thank Jaska. I agree with your explanation. I figured as parents both died when she was young, someone in the family must have taken responsibility for her.