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16-06-18, 22:14
I'm looking for advice how to receive information from Lapua Parish.
Despite my trials with various e-mail addresses I haven't received any info even confirmation about receiving my e-mail is missing. I've asked for particular person and period, so my request have been well defined.

I'm asking because such a situation is not expectable. So far I've contacted with Vaasa as well as Kauhava parishes and every time either clear answer for request or info about expected time necessary for finding requested information (i.e three months whis is OK) have been sent to me. But I've received nothing but silence from Lapua.

Support is highly appreciated


17-06-18, 08:36
I am guessing that you've used the emails on their site? It looks like marja-liisa.tuurihalme%40evl.fi is the email of their secretary, so at least you should be able to ask her about if your request has been received. Some parishes don't tend to even send confirmation emails because they get so many requests and they generally need to accept every time - this has happened to me - and after waiting for months it can get a bit aggravating.

June Pelo
17-06-18, 20:18
Maybe old-fashioned postal mail will get their attention?

18-06-18, 02:01
Well, on their site they do wish that orders for genealogy certificates would be done via mail, because handling personal information via email is riskier. That said, an email should still work just as fine, in theory.

18-06-18, 21:11
I've considered this solution as well. I've already collected old fashioned ink and pen as well as good quality paper and very traditionally looking envelope. Anyway disadvantage of this method is no confirmation is expected. I'm waiting with it when any other way would fail :-)
From the other hand Lapua is not a small parish. Basic on info from their WWW side (unfortunately automatically translated - my lack of Finnish language is painful) this is diocese with Bishop. So I guess e-mail is not rocket-science ;-)
In my opinion being a diocese is a good and understandable reason of being overworked with e-mail and paperwork. So long waiting is something I'm expecting to face. My only concern is not to be rude and not to make any faux-pas, bot to be sure my request is under proceeding. So this is why I'm asking for advice.

Thanks a lot for your support.


18-06-18, 21:16
Yes. I've used this address as well as many others from their side. In fact I'd like to be sure my e-mails haven't been put into trash or treated as a spam by oversensitive software. I do understand processing and searching of information itself may take long time.

27-05-19, 23:45
Just to summarize my trials and results. After direct call into Parish (in English - with some serious difficulties in Parish) promise of written reply was given to me. Anyway after next four months of waiting I had have found friend-of-my-friend-of-my-friend in Finland. Her direct call in Finnish caused the Parish sent a mail with the answer. Long waiting...
I'm sharing my experience for anybody whom it may be useful.

Anyway - my main goal - finding the birth record of my Grandmother haven been received.