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25-06-18, 18:18
My Swede-Finn ancestors have many different farm names attached to their family names in Finland; i.e., Knuts, Ryss, Gasgivars, etc. Is there a book or website where I can read about the history and location of these farms?

25-06-18, 21:34
For locations specifically, I'd actually recommend trying to find the houses on old maps you can find through the Digital Archive: http://digi.narc.fi/digi/search.ka

Names generally speaking have translatable meanings, so a dictionary might be helpful. Knuts is just Knut's [house], Ryss actually means Russian and Gästgivars refers to specific kind of "motel", where travelers can stay for the night, eat and drink and get a horse ride to the next town over. Gästgivare was a central and important part of the transportation network and farmers in charge of the rides would be fined if they neglected their duties. They also acted as pubs.

25-06-18, 21:59
I almost forgot to mention this site: https://www.fonecta.fi/kartat

This map site still shows you modern names of farms on the map. I've used it a bunch as well. The names aren't directly searchable, but looking around with the help of village names, you should find the farms easily if they still exist.

Alf Blomqvist
26-06-18, 11:23
I searched from Talko database for Knuts - and found following ao:

-- Monå
-- Kantlax
-- Hirvlax
-- Sund
- Ytterjeppo

- Rökiö
- Oravais

Alf Blomqvist
26-06-18, 11:46
Ryss is found from same area: Nykarleby and Vörå

Alf Blomqvist
26-06-18, 11:51
Gästgivars is also found at same places and at:



- Terjärv


June Pelo
26-06-18, 16:21
There is an old book, out of print, that is full of articles about the Swede-Finn parishes and it mention the farms and owners. I have a copy of the book, sent by a relative in Finland. Maybe a book store dealing with old books would have it.. it's in Swedish. It might be more easily found in Finland than in the US.

Den Österbottniska Byn
published by Hembygdsföreningen
Svenska Österbottningar I Helsingfors

I found this online: https://www.familysearch.org/wiki/en/Finland_Maps

Nykarleby map showing farms: http://kansalaisen.karttapaikka.fi/linkki?scale=16000&y=7046311&x=2427319&lang=en-GB

Ostrobothnia: http://users.abo.fi/hkrokfor/karta1.htm

When I was in Finland, I bought road maps when I visited various cities and the maps had black dots to indicate where farms were located, but not identified. I have snippets from maps that people sent to me pertaining to a certain village and they evidently were copied from a map site, but I don't know what it is. Perhaps someone else would know more about that.