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Karen Norwillo
01-07-18, 22:35
Have a question regarding unbaptized children in rippi. Of 11 children born to Johan Gustafsson Strömsholm t Finnäs and Anna Mattsdotter Strömsholm in Larsmo, many are indicated as odöpt and sometimes listed with no name. Some were baptized later, some died shortly after birth. Was this a usual practice? I never ran across this before. Some years the child's name appears with the notation odöpt, other years just a birth date and no name. Any thoughts?

02-07-18, 16:37
This was far from normal practice. In fact, if the parents were Lutheran it was illegal for a while, and you'd have to pay a fine. You were supposed to baptize children within a week of birth. Still, eventually the churches were made the official bodies keeping charge of counting the population and were required to report back about it, so they might definitely have counted people from other religions in their books, just without the associated other notations.

If some died as babies without having been baptized, however, the priest might have decided that the child didn't have a name. Most Finns, even the secular ones, still think that a baby is given a name during the baptizing ceremony, and any name the child is called before that is unofficial and in some sense not "a real name". Baptism is a name-giving ceremony for the vast majority of Finnish people. Only the most pedantic people think otherwise, and if they point this out, they're often mocked or at the very least dismissed. This is the reason that some children go unnamed and was a major reason for having the law about baptizing children so young in the first place. I've heard stories of family Bibles that are treasured as the only sources of a name for a long since dead baby.

It is hard to say for certain why this was in this case. Perhaps either Johan or Anna had some sort of a principle they applied on occasion - maybe they were just lazy.

Karen Norwillo
02-07-18, 17:26
Reading some of the notations to the right, it appears they were baptized later. I see a few in 1894.

02-07-18, 21:05
Ah, yes. I neglected to look at the annotations properly! They refer to the Larsmo baptistförsamling. So they were probably a family who believe in baptist principles, but perhaps did not have a church to go to yet and settled for a Lutheran one. According to their Facebook page, Larsmo baptistförsamling was "legally established" in 1893, that would make sense.

Karen Norwillo
03-07-18, 02:36
Thank you so much. That explains a lot.

Alf Blomqvist
06-07-18, 17:10
If you belong to a Baptistförsamling you normally is baptized when you are grown up.

Karen Norwillo
07-07-18, 20:49
Thanks, Alf. Some of my Finn-Swede cousins are Baptist. I thought most of them took this church after emigrating, but now I see some were already Baptist when they came.