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14-07-18, 21:33
Finland Baptisms, 1657-1890, accessible at FamilySearch.org, shows births/christenings for the same child on the same date, in both Kittilä and Karunki...see first 2 entries for Matts Abramsson Palo, born 31.8.1877, at link below...but this is also true for several, perhaps many children, who were born in the 1860's and 1870's...births are recorded in Karunki church books but not Kittilä...but FamilySearch seems to cite reference numbers for documents from both parishes...one explanation could be travel, maybe for work...in which case, the birth would probably be recorded in the home parish...there are gaps in communion markings for the parents but no reference to a move...and there seems to be too many of these occurences...does anyone have another explanation?


23-08-18, 22:02
It feels weird that the same person was born into two different churches. As that exemplary person was born at Karttula but not in church books in Kittilä, so one explanation could simply be a mistake in FamilySearch.org data. Experienced genealogy researchers have received instructions that always you should first check the church records if you want to get certainty. Search engines are only helpful but may not be readable.