View Full Version : Searching for descendants of those buried in mass grave

June Pelo
27-07-18, 21:52
The Southern Finland Regional State Administrative Agency is searching for descendants of those buried in a mass grave in the Vierumäki district of Heinola, ca 150 km north of Helsinki. The grave is believed to contain the remains of hundreds of people from the Red side who died in fighting during the Civil War of 1918. According to the memorial stone at the site it holds the remains of 300 "individuals who died for their convictions" during the war which immediately followed Finland's declaration of independence from the Russian Empire.

A wood processing company and the city of Heinola want to remove the remains to the churchyard because the present site is surrounded by an industrial zone. More than 25,000 supporters of the Red side are believed to have died or disappeared during the war or in prison camps after it, along with about 5,000 from the White side.

Announcements have been placed in newspapers asking those who believe they have relatives buried in the Versowood industrial zone for their views on a plan to move the remains. In any case, removing and transferring them would be a laborious and costly venture, involving exhumation and DNA tests.

FAR, July 2018