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K-G Olin
04-04-04, 16:20
Hi all!
I'm in the process of writing a non-fiction book about the Swedish speaking Finns in Oregon.
Would love to hear from everyone with information in connection to my project.
Besides writing the ordinary book, I'm also making a list with all the names and a short information on every
individual I can find.
In the end of April-beginning of May I'll be traveling in Oregon in order to gather material. Any suggestion
what to do or see would also be appreciated.
For information on my earlier projects, please visit my homepage.
K-G Olin

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05-04-04, 04:59
Hello K-G:

I would very much like to read your book when it is completed!

My grandparents met and married in Portland, Oregon in 1917. My father, their firtstborn, arrived to them in 1919, also in Portland, Oregon. My branch of the family moved to British Columbia later. However,my grandmother's sister Anna remained in Portland with her husband and their descendants still remain in the Portland area.

I have more questions than information for you.

05-04-04, 05:45
I don't know how useful a list of names areto you but the list is on the thread called Ålanders in USA, page 4


K-G Olin
05-04-04, 08:18
Hi Claire,
Thanks for the interest in my project. Could I please have the names and other information on your grandparents. Do you have photos of them?

June Pelo
05-04-04, 21:33

I have some relatives who emigrated to Oregon. It will take me a while to dig through my records for names, etc. I'll contact you later.


06-04-04, 19:13
Hi! My grandfather, Alex Lillkåll, immigrated from Kållby to an uncle in Astoria, Oregon, named August Johansson Lillkåll who Americanized his name to August Johnson. After that first year he moved to Ballard, later Seattle, Washington. August had several children and I have just sent letters out to similar names to try to reconnect with that family. Astoria has quite a group of Swedish-Finns and would be a good place to visit. I would be happy to share information when I receive some feedback. Vern

George Eckholm
07-04-04, 08:33
Hello K.G.
MY mother came to Coos By Or. from
Kokkola . Fi. in 1910 My father came to Coos Bay Or. from Vassa also in 1910.
They mrt and married in Coos Bay . it was calledCalled Marshfield.at that time.
The are now buried in Sunset cematery
with a lot of Swede Finns.
You should try to meet some of the members from theRuneburg lodge.

I live in Coquille Or. which is 18 miles South east of Coos bay on highway 42.

Im am listed in the phone book Please call
if You need any help here.

George Eckholm

June Pelo
10-04-04, 19:57

Do you have the book "Lars Frijs i Karleby och hans ättlingar"? On pages 97, 98, 99, 100 there is listed the family of Karl Johan (Janne) Mattsson Heinola-Hillström who went to Marshfield, Oregon - and there are several pictures of the family.

On pages 103, 104, 105 is listed the family of Frans Kankkonen who went to Astoria, Oregon, and a picture of the family.

On pages 112, 113 is the family ofJohan Sanfrid Fredriksson-Kankkonen-Sund and their family in Marshfield, Oregon.