View Full Version : translate, please

Karen Norwillo
13-08-18, 18:58
Can someone translate this cause of death? "afhände sig lifvet sjelf" The boy was only 11.

Alf Blomqvist
13-08-18, 19:23
Hi Karen!

He took his life

Karen Norwillo
13-08-18, 20:37
Thank you. Alf. I was afraid that's what it was. He was only 11 years old. How tragic.

June Pelo
13-08-18, 23:26
Hi Alf,
I just saw your posting on Facebook about your relative who went down with the Titanic. Very interesting.. and the pictures in the article were great. Wish you could put an English version online.. I know lots of people would like to read it.. but they can't read Swedish. Finlander Forum has a category for articles like that.. just ask Hasse.