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19-08-18, 00:37
I have been searching for my Frank Henry JOHNSON for many many years, and he just never left me very good clues, or I'm just not reading them right! Can I tell you what I have so far - and see if anyone can point me to a more exact location?
My grandfather, Frank Henry JOHNSON, (probably Franz Henrik Jonsson before leaving Finland/Sweden) born June 18, 1866 (discrepancies from the census calculations say it could also be 1861, and even 1870).

On his marriage License from Ontonagon County, Michigan, on December 16, 1905, he states his fathers' name was Axel John Johnson, no mothers name. Axel's birth country has been listed from census records as Finland.
Frank sometimes wrote his own birth country as Finland, and sometimes Sweden. Frank spoke Swedish though, and often told my father Leslie, that he lived on the border of Finland & Sweden.
My father thinks that Frank might have lived in the Baraga region of the U.P. as well. My father was also told that Frank had a sister living in Canada, but remembers no correspondence or visits with her nor her name.
I have a copy of the Emigraten CD, and believe Källkod number 28:403:4570 is my best choice for my Frank. I wrote to Malin Soderback at Landsarkivet-Goteborg in April 2001, and received this reply as follows: this person sailed to Hull England from Göteborg, on the ship named ROLLO, shipping agent was C.A. Bergland.
first name: Frans H. Last name; Jonsson
Age; 20,
Gender M,
Parish Amerika,
County: US;
Port Göteborg;
date: 1886-04-23;
destination: Boston, Mass;
fellows traveled with: nej;
I have also found different years stated on the census for his immigration as 1881, 1884, & 1885, & with this Kallköd 1886.
Frank's intent for naturalization was in Menominee County, MI April 7, 1886, (discrepancy how he could apply for intent on April 7, if he left for America on April 23rd, and therefore I am presently waiting for a reply from Menominee County about copies of the Intent). He became naturalized on May 17, 1904 in Gogebic County, MI, witnesses were Conrad Carlson, and John Johnson, in the city of Bessemer.

Franks occupations through the years was a cook in a logging camp, miner at the Victoria Mine in Rockland, Ontonagon, Michigan, a farmer, and fisherman. From 1910-1913 he owned a boat called the Papoose, and did commercial fishing. He sold the boat to Alex Couture in 1913. In 1929 he was classified as a Railroad Section Man.

Frank married at the age of either 39/44 to Hulda Mathilda Englund in Ontonagon, and Hulda was only 15 years old! They proceeded to have 7 children from 1906 to 1929.

Frank Died May 17, 1939, in Ontonagon County, Michigan.

A little humor here that upon questioning a psychic about Frank, I was told that he came from a Scandinavian country, that he had left a family behind, and that he did not want to be found! So far this seems true!

I hope to find Frank's birthplace, parents names, siblings, exact emigration date, and his reasons for coming to Canada or America, and what he might have been hiding!

also, my sister helped me search, and found this:
I used the 1890 free census info to look for any Axel Johnsons living in Norrbotten (since that is close to Finland) in 1890. I looked at every parish listed and at all names similar to Johnson. Surprisingly, there were only 4 that seemed to be possible matches for my Axel. If Frank was born in 1866, his father had to have been born around 1846 or before. Since Frank left home in about 1881, he isn't listed anywhere. I was wondering if anyone could look up the 4 Axel Johnsons I found to see if they list a son Frank in 1870. Frank would have been 4 at that time. Also, surprisingly, I did not notice very many Franz names while searching the 1890 census.

These are the Axel names that I found:
Axel Johansson b. 1840 Neder Lulea, Norrbottens
Home Parrish: Neder Lulea
Residence: Borjelslandet
Wife: Brita Magdalena Lundholm b. 1841
Children: Erik b. 1866 (probably not my Axel since Frank was born 1866 also, twins? Jan. and Dec. births? Frank was already gone from the house?)
Augusta b. 1873 and Ida b. 1876

Axel Johansson b. 1844 Borum O. Got., Norrbottens
Homeparish: Gellivare
Residence: Kyrkobyn
Occupation: Jernvags Arbetare
Wife Karen Hallster b. 1858
Children: Karolina b. 1875, Karl b. 1880 , Helmer b. 1883, Helga b. 1889
(This man is the right age to be Frank’s father, the mother is not. However, Frank never named a mother. Perhaps this is a second marriage for Axel and a second family and Frank did not accept her as his mother. He would have been about 9 when Karolina was born if this scenario was correct. ???)

Axel Johansson b. 1848 Neder Lulea, Norrbottens
Home Parish: Neder Lulea
Residence: Gaddvik
Occupation: Jordarb.
Wife: Mathilda Erika Sundgren b. 1848
Children: Agnes b. 1878
(This Axel was probably too young to be the father of Frank. He would have only been about 18 when Frank was born. This would have to be a second wife and family for him with a similar scenario to the above named Axel. Frank would have been 12 when Agnes was born.)

Johan Axel Johansson b. 1849 Pitea moder, Norrbottens
Homeparish: Pitea moder
Residence: Qvarstaende obefintlige sedan aren 1881-1890 (translation?)
Occupation: Arbet.
Marital Status: G married
Family Status: E single (??)
Other details: I Hogsbole (translation?)
No wife or children named. He is marked as married but living single. This man might be too young. He would have only been about 17 when Frank was born.

If I could find these same men in the 1870 census, I could find out if one of them had a 4 year old son named Frank. It could turn out that none of them do, then I’d know Finnish records might be a better place to search. Is there anyone able to do a look up on the earlier Swedish census ( hoping there is one!) ?
Thanks for ANY help! Kris Johnson-Burrill kgjburrill%40aol.com

June Pelo
20-08-18, 01:07
Ingemar Ekman lives in Sweden and does a lot of research there.. but I remember reading that he and his family have just left for vacation in Spain.

21-08-18, 05:11
I have also paid a researcher several years ago to try and find him, with no luck, but I know things are added daily so would be willing to try that route again....I'll keep watching here! Thanks.

Ingemar Ekman
21-08-18, 08:04
It is too many Frans born 1860´s with father´s first name as Axel , but I do not find any 18 June 1866.
Please check https://www.familytreedna.com/ and start with their Family Finder test just now for 59 USD (in stead of 79 USD)
and you may found new DNA relatives in Scandinavia that also are tested, That may give you little clue where he came from. /Ingemar

June Pelo
23-08-18, 21:20
Check your private messages.

27-08-18, 04:32
I have already submitted by DNA to Ancestry.com and MyHeritage.com....would this one be substanially any better? Thanks for the info. / Kris Johnson-Burrill

Ingemar Ekman
27-08-18, 05:54
For roots in Scandinavia I recommend FTDNA, According to FTDNA home page :
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