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Paivi T
04-04-04, 18:26
Hello everyone!

I'm a new list member and a very newbie family researcher.

My roots seem to be quite deep (several generation) in north Ostrobothnial soil, that of a small town called Oulainen, 100 km south of Oulu.

Looks like so far no-one has researched the family lines from my father's and mother's side. In my father's side they include Käpylä and Siltala; my mother's, Matkaselkä, Kalliohonkala and Kivikko.

As far as I know, my families are pretty Finnish, through and through. Why did I join this list, then? Firstly, I liked the lively and friendly discussion that I saw here, and the spirit of friendly co-operation. Secondly, I felt I might be able to help here and there, with tips of online resources or whatnot. Thirdly, who knows what I'll find out as I dig deep into my roots... Exactly when that is, remains to be seen -- I'm currently on parenting leave, taking care of two lovely and lively little girls, aged 3,5 and 1,5.

We live in Järvenpää, 40 km north of Helsinki. The rest of the immediate family includes a husband and two Australian Terriers.

Well, got to go now, the little ones are calling for mom...


Päivi T

Gita Wiklund
04-04-04, 18:35
Welcome Päivi!

I joined this for the same reasons as you. I was very much surprised to find a fifth cousin among the members, against all odds. I also have received very much help from a member that lives in Helsinki where I come from. I live in Sweden now, my family moved here in 1969 when I was six years old.


03-05-04, 21:51

I am now back from "reading mode" which was a result of a few computer problems, plus a few weeks visit from Australian rellies. You must have joined during my absence and I enjoyed reading your introduction. I haven`t got as far as reading your other "9" postings yet, but am well and truly playing catch up tonight and for the next few weeks until the next lot of Australian visitors descend - this is quite a year for those. Hope you have great fun on Finlander. I do.