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21-08-18, 01:45
I am helping someone on another forum with this translation.
I would appreciate if someone would have a go trying to decypher this please.


Jaska Sarell
21-08-18, 09:42
Partly deciphered original Finnish text:
Laivamme kiitää ja pärskyt ne
laivan kylkeen lyö, ei sure
meripoika hetkiä noita, oli se
päivä taik[k]a musta yö.
(....) tyttöni itke vaan,
(vaikka?) laivamme lähti kauaksi
(p....), se meripoika, reissul-
laan (....) uskollinen olla.

Freely translated beginning: Our ship goes fast, waves hit ship's sides, seaman doesn't grieve of those moments, whether day or dark night.
Then he probably asks the girl not to cry, though the ship went faraway. And he promises to be true to her.

Some kind of poem that possibly was copied among seamen.

:) Jaska

21-08-18, 11:13
Hi Jaska
Wow that was quick.
Thank you very much.