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22-08-18, 01:41
Hi again
I need a little more help please.
Thank you.



Jaska Sarell
22-08-18, 02:38
Hi Ian,
Seems to be song lyrics, at least Orvon kyynel (Orphan's teardrop). Maybe your earlier query was, too.
Performed by Georg Malmstén and Dallapé orchestra in 1936: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fedcm5-y-8U
Address in the bottom: Anni Taipale, Äänekoski, Parantala, Niemelän talo (Niemelä's farm)

:) Jaska

22-08-18, 11:36
Interesting. I wonder why someone would write this down and keep it?

Apparently this guy was interned in a camp in Ramsey on the Isle of Man during WW II.
His name was Reino Julius Nyronen (Nyrönen).
They were wondering if he could be found.

Thanks Jaska.