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23-08-18, 20:56
Need a little help on translating the Viitasaari parish church birth record of my grandfather. Hopefully the screen shot is attached. This is what I have so far(matched to the screen):
Taavetti___torp, Antii Strand-
man____Anna Ruuska__Keiha
rinkoski no 1, Marthila(?)____
Juho Pasanen, Kustava Ruuska

He was born Aug. 22, 1884. father was Antti Strandman. mother Anna Ruuska.
Are others grandparents? godparents? And the last line seems a mystery.
Thanks in advance for any help ! Ashtabula,Ohio Finn Ed Hartshorn

June Pelo
23-08-18, 22:11
There's a family on Geni with the same names and could be the same family: https://www.geni.com/people/Anders-Strandman/6000000044032502495?through=6000000044031817314

23-08-18, 22:34
Thanks June. Checking it out. Some confusion because of dates.

June Pelo
23-08-18, 22:55
There's also an Anders Johansson Strandman, b. 1732, married 1759 in Overpurmo to Sophia Jakobsdotter Hviloback.

Jaska Sarell
23-08-18, 23:11
Completed text:
Taavetti, Vanh. Torp. Antti Strand-
man vo Anna Ruuska Keihä-
rinkoski No1 Marttila. Kummit:
Juho Pasanen, Kustava Ruuska.
Kasti Wsaarella Em. Landgrén

Vanh. = vanhemmat = parents
Torp. = torppari = crofter
vo. = vaimo = wife
Kummit = godparents
Kasti = baptized (in Viitasaari by Emil Landgren)

:) Jaska

24-08-18, 03:59
Thank you Jaska ! ! :) Ed (Strandman) Hartshorn