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26-08-18, 05:51
Unless my research is mistaken, I have discovered great-great grandparents whose first child arrived several weeks before the date of their marriage. The mother/wife was identified as trolofvade brud in the child’s birth record, in the marriage bann, and in the marriage record.

Does the term trolofvade brud mean the couple was betrothed? Would the child’s birth typically be considered “legitimate” by the standards of the time (1847)? The pastor did not use the term oäkta (illegitimate), which I have only seen in birth records when the father is unknown or not named.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

June Pelo
26-08-18, 17:44
Trolofvade means betrothed or engaged to be married. Evidently it was considered OK to have an early birth in those days, if the couple was engaged to marry. If a woman wasn't betrothed, and had a child, I assume that the child was considered to be oäkta. I have many such incidents in my genealogy.

I found this in the Finlander archives... a discussion of this same topic 13 years ago: http://finlander.genealogia.fi/archive/index.php/t-2039.html

26-08-18, 20:51
June, this sets my mind at ease. There are some variations in the names recorded for my great-great grandfather Anders Gustaf, so I worried that I had mixed-and-matched families. Family records used the patronym Jacobsson, the farm name Fagernäs (his former residence in Larsmo), and a surname (Sundholm) in different combinations. Fortunately the “moving in” register when the family moved from Pedersöre parish to Nykarleby parish in 1851 used his whole name - Anders Gustaf Jacobsson Fagernäs (Sundholm) - and listed his family with birth dates. As an aside, his occupation was Timmerman (carpenter) when the first child was born, so I wonder if that explains the use of a surname and maybe the demands of his work explains the delayed marriage.

Thank you very much for your quick response, and for sharing the informative discussion thread.

- Tim

June Pelo
26-08-18, 21:46
If you haven't read Leif Mether's article about the naming system, it may be of interest: