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28-08-18, 16:14
Has anyone seen a published, accessible genealogy of Johan Vilhelm Snellman (1806-1875), the philosopher-politician? His sister, Anna Christina Snellman, and her husband Otto von Essen, appears in my great-grandfather's 1842 birth & baptism record as baptism sponsors/witnesses. von Essen's occupation or status is given as "Possessionaten" - a term I have not seen.

My ancestors at this time were Drengen (Dräng) - laborers, I think - so I am wondering if they worked for this family in the Jeppo area? My great-grandfather was born at Ekola, Alahärmä, but his family moved and his younger siblings were born in Keppo, Nykarleby/Jeppo where von Essen and Snellman lived. Otto von Essen, wife Anna, and son Otto (Henrik) von Essen (born 1841) appear in another family baptism record, my great-grandfather's nephew. von Essen is described as "Herr Patron O. von Essen och dess [hus]tru Anna."

I would like to review the Snellman family history, maybe learn more about how Anna Christina's life (and von Essen's) intersected with my ancestors (known as Witka, then Vikman, finally Wickman in the USA).

June Pelo
28-08-18, 23:42
I had typed a reply, but it's not here.. must have gone to never-never land. I had looked up a lot of data.. don't know if I can find it again.. :(

June Pelo
29-08-18, 01:09
I have some data in my database about Stahlberg and Snellman.. both were descendants of Sursill. Karl Johan Ståhlberg, 1865-1952 was Finland's first president 1919-1925. Johan Vilhelm Snellman, 1806-1881, was a philosopher and statesman, and brother of Anna Christina. The father of Johan and Anna Christina was a sea captain who moved from Sweden to Finland with his children, 4 of whom were born in Sweden, and Anna Christina was born in Karleby, Finland. Here's an article about Johan: https://finland.fi/life-society/j-v-snellman-without-him-where-would-finland-be/ Stahlberg's father's mother was from the Snellman family. There are articles on google about both of these men. And Geni.com also has them in their data. I don't know where one could find a history of the families, except genealogy tables. Which Wickman family is yours?

29-08-18, 08:18

This is so interesting. I am not a member of geni.com but certainly there is a lot of data on the Snellmans that may be viewed on the site.

This passage on J.V. Snellman’s widower father caught my eye:

“Christian Snellman, who was deeply interested in reading and the philosophy of religion, gave up his seafaring and bought Palo Farm at Alahärmä, where he lived until 1855.”


Palo - Palomäki farm, Wuoskoski by - is another place where my family crossed the Snellman family’s path.

Take a look at this:

http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=7037481 (should open the document viewer)

Folio 96, Rippikirja 1818-1828, Palomäki: At the bottom of the page, that is THE Snellman family, headed by Husbonden Kapten Christian Henric Snellman fl. G.[Gamla] Carleby [Karleby] in 1820. His 2nd wife, Caisa Sophie [Petterdotter] Ahla, dotter Anna Christina, other children - and son Johan Wilhelm Snellman born 5 May 1806!

My 4th great-grandfather, Wickman ancestor Sytningsman Johan Johansson (Palomäki) born August 1759 appears on the middle of the same page with the Snellmans. Johan evidently had sold out his estate several years earlier. His son (also named Johan) & family moved from Palomäki farm to Köykkäri (Keuckar). My ancestor Johan Johansson died at Palomäki farm, as did Johan Wilhelm Snellman’s father. Wow! I had no idea.

My Wickman family: G-G Erick Wickman (born 1842 Eric Andersson Ekola). He settled in Felch, Michigan with his wife Anna Sanna Eriksdotter (born 1846) and his six children. John Eric Wickman born 1879 is my grandfather (grandmother is Sophie Wickman née Sundquist). I am the youngest of their youngest.


June Pelo
29-08-18, 21:41
I checked my database to see if I had any of your Wickman family, but evidently not. Wickman was an acquired name and there were a lot of people using the name from various localities. I had a lot of data on the Stahlberg and Snellman families and their link to the Sursill family. Did you know that Anna Christina's husband and their son Christian were born in Lappland?

You probably link to the Sursill family, too. Are you aware of that family and that their data in Genealogia Sursilliana is being updated. If you haven't submitted your family data yet, you still have time to do so. It will take a while for them to enter all the data they have, but I work with the committee supplying family data. There is also a group for the Sursill family on Facebook.

If there is any data you would like about Ståhlberg and Snellman, I'd be glad to share what I have.

June Pelo
29-08-18, 21:52
Are you aware of this about Snellman and the famine crisis of 1867: https://helda.helsinki.fi/bitstream/handle/10138/179356/Collegium%20Vol22%206_Reese.pdf?sequence=1

29-08-18, 23:59
Thank you for searching your database for Wickman nonetheless. The name is only a few generations old in our family.

I did not realize Anna Christina’s husband and child were from Lappland. Do you mean Anna Kristina Ståhlberg’s husband and son? I read that Christian Snellman sent J.V. Snellman to grammar school in Oulu. The family seems to have had a northern orientation.

I have heard of the Genealogia Sursilliana. Is a GEDCOM file required to submit data?

Thank you for your offer of information on Snellman /Ståhlberg. I have not yet found a blood or marriage relationship to my ancestors, though I suppose godparent and patron relationships are nothing to take lightly. The Snellman records and stories provide an interesting “brush with history.”

30-08-18, 00:13
This touches multiple interests, thank you!

June Pelo
30-08-18, 02:09
Anna Christina Gabrielsdotter Stahlberg was married to Gerhard Gerhardsson Snellman, b. 1748 in Tervola, Lapland. Their son Christian was born there in 1773; he married 1803 in Stockholm to Maria Magdalena Mattsdotter Röering from Oulu. They had 4 children born in Sweden before they moved to Karleby, Finland where daughter Anna Christina was born 10 June 1814; her mother Maria died a month later. There's a fine book "Märkesman och -Kvinnor I Karlebynejden" (in Swedish) about notable people in Karleby area.. and there's a long article about Johan Wilhelm Snellman, among many others. I noted that many of the Snellman family were involved with the ministry.

RE: Sursill, yes, a gedcom or at least an itemized list of line of descent from Erik Ångerman Sursill is needed. Do you have a genealogy program on your computer?

30-08-18, 15:23
I have Heredis desktop software which can import and export GEDCOM files. I started my database with a GEDCOM from ancestry. Now I enter new discoveries manually. Tedious, but I like to review the facts and add notes on each person.