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I am trying to find info about my grandmothers family. She was born about 1880 in Kemi or Kemijarvi. She had a sister Elen and a brother Pauli as well as another brother who I believe was named Matti. Pauli went to Helsinki as did Elen. Pauli designed wallpaper, he married and had one son who joined the military. Thanks

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Matilda Koivupalo and John Isaacson were married 10.7.1907, Atlantic, MI; Matilda's parents were identified as Wm and Matilda Koivupalo https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:S3HT-6SMS-C9K

here is one possibility...

Maria Matilda, born 1.9.1876, Tervola; parents Wilhelm Koivupalo and Matilda Pyttynen? http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/tervola/syntyneet_1844-1877_ik227/209.htm

Tervola Communion Book, 1870-1880 (towards bottom of page): Wilhelm, born 28.12.1845; wife Kaisa Mathilda Pehrsdr, born 3.6.1851; daughter Maria Mathilda, born 1.9.1876...Wilhelm's mother is Brita Maria, born 8.9.1821 http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/tervola/rippikirja_1870-1880_mko1-8/144.htm

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Wilhelm Brita Mariasson Koivupalo and Kaisa Mathilda Pehrsdr Pyytynen married 30.1.1876, Tervola (left page, 3rd entry) http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/tervola/vihityt_1851-1877_ik227/20.htm

18-09-18, 05:15
Tervola Preconfirmation Records, 1881-1890, children born to Wilhelm Koivupalo and Kaisa Mathilda, born 1851: Maria Mathilda, born 1.9.1876; Matti Wilhelmi, born 27.4.1879; Ida Josefina Thildantytär, born 17.3.1874 (born out of wedlock to Kaisa Mathilda); Margaretha Mariana, born 30.9?.1882, died 22?.7.1885; Juhan August, born 26.8.1885, died 26?.11.1885; Juhan Pauli, born ?.5.1887; Olli, born 26.5.1889 (link from SSHY members site) http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut_eng/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=23039&pnum=142

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Brita Maria Koivupalo, born 8.9.1821, died 3.9.1907, Tervola

18-09-18, 05:43
Wilhelm, born 28.12.1845 (out of wedlock), Tervola; mother Brita Maria Koivupalo http://en.www.digihakemisto.appspot.com/edit?kuid=5841636&kuvanumero=12&ay=892509&sartun=99715.KA&atun=184811.KA&amnimeke=Tervolan+seurakunnan+arkisto&sarnimi=Syntyneiden+ja+kastettujen+luettelot&aynimi=Syntyneiden+ja+kastettujen+luettelot+1844-1877+%28IC%3A6%29&ay2=104563

Caisa Matilda, born 3.6.1851, Tervola http://en.www.digihakemisto.appspot.com/edit?kuid=5841655&kuvanumero=40&ay=892509&sartun=99715.KA&atun=184811.KA&amnimeke=Tervolan+seurakunnan+arkisto&sarnimi=Syntyneiden+ja+kastettujen+luettelot&aynimi=Syntyneiden+ja+kastettujen+luettelot+1844-1877+%28IC%3A6%29&ay2=104563

18-09-18, 05:51
Tervola Rippikirja, 1828-1837: Brita Maria Koivupalo, born 8.9.1821 http://en.www.digihakemisto.appspot.com/edit?kuid=5839312&kuvanumero=120&ay=892434&sartun=99710.KA&atun=184811.KA&amnimeke=Tervolan+seurakunnan+arkisto&sarnimi=Rippi-+ja+kinkerikuulustelukirjat&aynimi=Rippikirjat+1828-1837+%28IAa%3A9%29&ay2=104553

HisKi shows Brita Maria, born 6.9.1821, Tervola; parents Johan Koivupalo and Susanna

18-09-18, 06:05
Tervola Rippikirja, 1852-1859: Brita Maria Koivupalo, born 8.9.1821; son Wilhelm, born 28.12.1845; daughter Maria Gustava, born 20.10.1850; daughter Elsa, born 6.3.1855; all born out of wedlock http://en.www.digihakemisto.appspot.com/edit?kuid=5840081&kuvanumero=230&ay=892436&sartun=99710.KA&atun=184811.KA&amnimeke=Tervolan+seurakunnan+arkisto&sarnimi=Rippi-+ja+kinkerikuulustelukirjat&aynimi=Rippikirjat+1852-1859+%28IAa%3A11%29&ay2=104555

18-09-18, 06:32
Tervola Communion Book, 1901-1910, Ylivaara 3, Ylivaara: Maria Matilda, born 19.1876, in Amerika; date not indicated but the last communion marking shown for her is 23.8.1903; Juho Pauli, born 3.5.1887, to Helsinki in 1907?; back to Tervola, 5.7.1909; and return to Helsinki, 2.4.1911; another child Otto Aukusti, born 9.10.1891, died 23.11.1910; Olli, born 28.5.1889, to Helsinki 25.5.1908, back to Tervola, 2.6.1910 (link from SSHY members site) http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut_eng/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=28365&pnum=422

Except for Maria Mathilda, birth/death dates for her siblings were extracted from the communion books and preconfirmation records...but i will check them with the birth/death books...

And I do not see Elen...as of 1910, Maria Matilda was the only daughter who survived...

18-09-18, 06:43
Tilda Koivupalo, Swedish Emigration Records, 1783-1951

Tilda Koivupalo, Sweden Emigration Registers, 1869-1948

1904 SS Southwark Passenger List (Canada to US Border Crossing) (line 9): Tilda Koivupalo, age 24; going to join uncle Alex Koivuranta, Calumet, MI

18-09-18, 07:03
Tervola Communion Book, 1852-1859, Pyttinen: Caisa Matilda, born 3.6.1851 (bottom of page) http://en.www.digihakemisto.appspot.com/edit?kuid=5840018&kuvanumero=164&ay=892436&sartun=99710.KA&atun=184811.KA&amnimeke=Tervolan+seurakunnan+arkisto&sarnimi=Rippi-+ja+kinkerikuulustelukirjat&aynimi=Rippikirjat+1852-1859+%28IAa%3A11%29&ay2=104555

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Great answers, Alan!

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thank you, June... :)

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According to that 1904 passenger list, Tilda Koivupalo was going to join her uncle, Alex Koivuranta in Calumet, MI. I think Alex was born about 1866/1867 in Tervola. On 23.12.1893, in Tecumseh, MI, Alex Ranta, age 27, born Finland; married Ellen Matson, age 39, born Finland. Ellen Matson had been previously married. Her mother was identified as Brita Maria, with a last name which could pass for am altered version of Koivupalo. I think Ellen Matson is Elsa, born out of wedlock, 6.3.1855, to Brita Maria Koivupalo, born 8.9.1821, the grandmother of Maria Matilda, born 1.9.1876. Elsa was a sister to Wilhelm Brita Mariasson, born 28.12.1845, the father of Maria Matilda, born 1.9.1876. In 1875, Elsa married Henrik Adolf Matinp. Glad, born 21.6.1851. There were 2 children, Jakob Hjalmer, born 2.10.1876, died 30.8.1877; and Edla Margreta, born 24.6.1878, died 11.6.1880. The names of Henrik Adolf Matinp. Glad and Elsa Brita Mariasdr Koivupalo are recorded in Tervola Communion Books, 1881-1890 and 1891-1900; but no communion markings are shown for either. The 1900 US Census shows Alex Ranta, born Feb 1867, Finland, emigrated 1890; wife Elsie, born May 1855, Finland, emigrated 1880; step children Henry, Peter, Matt and Minnie, all born in Michigan; daughter Mary, born Feb 1895, Michigan. I think the 4 step children were born to Henrik Adolf Matinpoika (Mattsson) Glad and Elsa Brita Mariasdr Koivupalo, with the surname Matson. So Elsa Brita Mariasdr (Koivupalo) Matson would have been an aunt to Maria Matilda Koivupalo; and Alex (Koivuranta) Ranta would have been an uncle by marriage.

18-09-18, 18:07
One of the step children on the 1900 US Census, was Matt, born June 1890, Michigan

Matti Matson, born May 27, 1890 (Part 1); parents Henry Matson and Ellen Matson (Part 2)

1900 US Census and 1893 Michigan Marriage Record Index also attached

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I think the mother of Alex (Koivuranta) Ranta was Kaisa Matilda Waarala, born 11.10.1819; who also had the name Koivuranta; and gave birth to a number of children, some of whom were born out of wedlock. Aleksi Koivuranta, born 1866, is shown in Tervola Communion Books, 1881-1890 and 1891-1900; but the only communion marking for him is 24.6.1885. There is also a notation which I cannot decipher but I think it might mean he was unfit for military service.

18-09-18, 19:06
Tervola Preconfirmation Records, 1881-1890; children born to Kaisa Koivuranta: Paulus, born 2.1.1857; Karl Robert, born 17.9.1860; Aleksander, born 1866. All are shown with the patronymic Kaisanp(oika), which means all were born out of wedlock. Tervola birth record for Paulus, identifies his mother as Caisa Matilda Koivuranta; the birth record for Karl Robert identifies his mother as Caisa Matilda Waarala. Tervola Communion Book, 1860-1864, shows Karl Robert, born 17.9.1860, as the son of the widow Kaisa Matilda Waarala, born 11.10.1819. Another page in the same book, shows Paulus, born 2.1.1857, as the son of Caisa Matilda Koivutanta, born 11.10.1819. Two other children are shown on that page, Mickel Johansson, born 10.3.1847; and Petter Abram Johansson, born 19.5.1849

18-09-18, 19:15
The widow Kaisa Matilda Koivuranta died 8.7.1867, Tervola

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just so i know...was what i posted here helpful...or not???

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Hi, thank you. I just got my new password and will look at this now. Not sure yet if this is her.

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I believe my mother said her mother, Tillie (Mathilda Marie Koivupalo) was born late in late August. Does 1.9 mean September 1 and is that a baptismal date?

03-10-18, 08:12
I believe my grandmother's brother Matt died in an accident where he fell in a vat. I believe this was in Michigan.

03-10-18, 16:18
Maria Matilda Koivupalo was born 1.9.1876 (Sep 1) and christened 11.9.1876 (Sep 11)

03-10-18, 23:24
Thank you for all this information. Tervola is near Kemijarvi, so perhaps this is her family. I do have pictures of her siblings Pauli and Elen

04-10-18, 20:50
this might be the Michigan Certificate of death for your grandmother's brother Matt...this person was a Laborer at Buick Motor Company and died on June 7, 1920, Flint, MI...the cause of death was severe burns entire body by hot water...

04-10-18, 21:30
the brother of Maria Matilda Koivupalo, born 1.9.1876; was Mathias Wilhlem, born 27.4.1879, Tervola...

passenger list for the ship Romeo, which departed Göteborg, Sweden, on July 27, 1900, destined for Hull, England; Matti Koivupalo, from Finland, age 21, going to Calumet, MI

passenger list for SS Corinthian, which departed Liverpool, England on Aug 2, 1900; and arrived Quebec, Canada, on Aug 12, 1900 (line 19): Matti Koivupalo, age 21, going to join Brothers in Calumet, MI...if this Matti Koivupalo was going to join his brothers, i doubt he was Mathias Wilhelm, born 27.4.1879; because in 1900, brothers Juho Pauli and Olli were ages 13 and 11 respectively...but then "Brothers" could be a mistake in this passenger record...

WWI Draft Registration: Matt Wilhelm Koivupala, born May 1, 1878; nearest relative Hilda Isaacson, sister, Beacon Hill, Michigan...at the time of her marriage in 1907 and as of the 1920 US Census, Matilda (Koivupalo) Isaacson lived in Beacon Hill...so maybe this is your grandmother's brother and a mistake was made with the first name of his sister...the birth date is different from that of Mathias Wilhelm, born 27.4.1879, but mistakes were often made in these records...

unfortunately, i have not yet been able to find Mathias Wilhelm, born 27.4.1879, in the Tervola Communion Book...to determine if he emigrated to America...

i am not saying that Maria Matilda Koivupalo, born 1.9.1876, is your grandmother; a lot of the pieces fit and discrepancies in birth dates between Finnish Records and America Records, did occur...but one glaring difference is a sister Elen...Maria Matilda, born 1.9.1876, did not have a sister Elen; at least not that i can determine...she did have a half sister, Ida Josefina, born 17.3.1874, out of wedlock; same mother but most likely different fathers...

how certain are you of the name Elen...and did any other siblings of your grandmother emigrate to America?

04-10-18, 21:55
the cause of death for Matt Kaivapalo was severe burns entire body by hot water and steam...i omitted "and steam"...

06-10-18, 20:58
Matts Wilhelm Koivupalo, born 27.4.1879, moved from Tervola to Kittilä in 1893...but i have not been able to find him in Kittilä Preconfirmation Records or Communion Book...