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June Pelo
22-09-18, 02:34
Ole was hired by a limousine company in Minneapolis to drive one of those long fancy expensive limousines. One day Ole received an important call to St. Patrick's Cathedral. To Ole's surprise, his passenger turned out to be the Pope. He had very important business in St. Paul, so Ole was hired by the Pope's aides to drive the Pope in his limousine.

The Pope admired the new limo and commented to Ole that he'd never driven a limousine. He asked Ole if it would be all right for him to drive the car a few miles. Ole said it was OK and stopped to let the Pope behind the wheel and he jumped into the back seat. As the Pope drove down the interstate highway, the speedometer went steadily higher ? 60 miles per hour...70....80. Well, it was bound to happen. At 90 miles per hour, the Pope attracted the attention of a highway patrolman.

After they were stopped, the Pope and Ole sat and waited patiently as the patrolman approached them. The trooper carefully looked into the limousine and went back to his patrol car. "Chief," he said over the radio, "you're not going to believe what an important car I've stopped!"

The chief asked, "Is this person more important than the governor?"

"Oh, much more," replied the patrolman.

"What about a U.S. Senator?" asked the chief.

"Far, far more important," answered the patrolman.

"Well then, it must be the President of the United States," declared the chief.

"Nope," replied the trooper. "This guy is the most important man I've ever seen."

"Well, just HOW IMPORTANT is this gentleman?" demanded the chief.

"Well, I don't know," answered the trooper. "All I know is this guy looks like a Finn, but he's got the POPE for a chauffeur!"

D J Granlund
23-09-18, 17:41

A real good one!


Jaska Sarell
23-09-18, 23:16
That reminds me of a joke about a Mr Rissanen.

Rissanen worked as a handyman in a large factory. Once George Bush came to visit the factory and the manager showed him around. During the tour Bush noticed Rissanen waxing the floor and said: "Hi Rissanen, what's up dude?" The manager wondered how they knew each other. "We've been golfing together a few times", replied Rissanen.
Later Putin came to visit the factory. On similar tour he noticed Rissanen and shouted: "Hello Rissanen, what's up dude?" Again the manager wondered and Rissanen replied that they've been visiting some spas together.
Then Rissanen told the manager that he knows the pope as well. The manager didn't believe that and proposed a visit to Vatican. The loser will pay the trip. Rissanen agreed to the bet.
In Vatican they went to see the Pope giving a speech to an audience. Though they stood in the back row, the pontiff noticed them and shouted: "Ciao Rissanen, come here and give a speech with me." Rissanen went, and after the speech he returned and found the manager fainted on the floor. Rissanen revived him and said: "It cannot be that awful that I know the Pope." The manager replied, that it's not that awful, but there were a couple of Chinese who asked: " Who is that guy with a funny cap standing beside Rissanen?"

:) Jaska