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Karen Norwillo
07-10-18, 05:21
Can someone tell me where these members of the Warrio family died in 1865 Kemijärvi? Johan and Michel Påhlsson Warrio were brothers and Anna Gustava was Michel's wife. It looks like died and buried in Norige?? :confused:

Alf Blomqvist
07-10-18, 10:09
Hi Karen!

It looks like Norige = Norway.

Karen Norwillo
08-10-18, 16:49
Thanks, Alf. I thought that too, but couldn't figure out why they would have been in Norway. Never saw it spelled with the i, just Norge.

Karen Norwillo
08-10-18, 23:51
Looks like it may have been a trip, as Johan left his wife and children behind. Michel and Gustava only took their 9 year old son, leaving 2 daughters behind. Cause of death for all, typhoid fever.