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June Pelo
08-11-18, 22:00
Finnish kids need more Vitamin D. A study of 512 children aged 6-8 in Kuopio found that children who drank at least three glasses of milk a day or spent at least two hours outdoors had a higher Vitamin D concentration in their blood stream. This summer was good for Vitamin D intake because it was so warm and sunny and people were outside. But in the winter increased intake via diet and supplements is important.

Finland has set a goal to make the country smoke free by 2030. The goal is to reduce tobacco use to a level of less than 5% of the population. In order to reach that goal, a list of proposals will be reviewed by the new government after next year's elections. About 12% of adults smoke tobacco. Three percent of the population uses orally-ingested tobacco snus, even though the sale of it has been banned in Finland for years.

One proposal is to raise the price of cigarettes through taxes. Also to examine the possibility of further taxing e-cigarettes, and requiring all cigarette packs to be identical regardless of brand. Another possibility is to raise the age limit to 20 to legally buy tobacco products; if the age is raised to 25, there would be a 16% reduction in new smokers.

Housing companies might have the right to ban residents from smoking on balconies; or they could ban the use of tobacco on their property.

The ministry also wants to cut the amount of tobacco that can be imported from outside the EU. Currently travelers from abroad can bring in a 10-pack carton of cigarettes, but the ministry proposes to bring that number down to two packs.

The EU is considering giving up daylight savings time. Finns can use the otakantaa.fi website to indicate which time they prefer.

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