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Karen Norwillo
09-11-18, 21:04
Can anyone tell me when and why Dahlkar, Dahlkarl in Vörå became Dahlroos in some cases? It appears to begin in the 1870's.

Alf Blomqvist
10-11-18, 19:21
Hi Karen ! As you noticed there are no records in HisKi for 1870. In Talko I found 6 records for Dahlroos 1792-1841 in Vörå.

Jaska Sarell
10-11-18, 21:37
Quick look to Vörå communion book 1870-1880 shows that some people on Dahlkarl farm in Koskeby used surnames. There's also Dalström and Dalquist. No idea whether they have family connection to the farmers or not.

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
11-11-18, 15:28
Thank you both. Wondering if it's possible that to differentiate the families on Dahlkarl farm that they chose to construct different forms of Dahl..adding different endings, qvist, ström, grén. Just a thought. In the US many reverted to just Dahl.