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Karen Norwillo
13-11-18, 22:03
In the rippikirja for Salla, the church books on FFHA switch from Swedish naming to Finnish. Ancestor Fredrik Larsson 21 Jun 1850 is found with an unreadable form in 1881-1890. Can someone help. His daughter Maria Stina 3 Jan 1875 looks like Reetantytär. Thanks

Jaska Sarell
14-11-18, 02:34
Rieti Laurinpoika, daughter is Rietintytär.
That name was in Finnish name day almanac 1929-1949. Rarely used and hence dropped off.
Name day July 18th, in 1928 (https://almanakka.helsinki.fi/images/arkisto/1900/192807.gif) still Freedrik, but in 1929 (https://almanakka.helsinki.fi/images/arkisto/1900/192907.gif) Rieti (together with female name Riika). Now only Riikka has name day on that day.

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
14-11-18, 04:07
Thank you, Jaska. Very confusing. Not really familiar with the custom of "name days."