View Full Version : Knuts, Wicklund, Isaacson?

17-11-18, 16:55
I am still looking for clues about the following persons:

Matts/Mattias Isaksson Knuts born 10.5.1885 in Kantlax, Finland and died 21.5.1921 or 1923 or 1917 in Transvaal, South Africa. He went to Africa 15.11.1905 and possibly also 1911? Can't find the right passenger lists since I'm not sure what name he used. Married in South Africa with a Norwegian, don't know her name. Nothing about marriage in the church books. He was probably a miner. I wonder if they had children.
His parents were Isak Kristiansson Knuts Björkvall aug 17 1845-febr 19 1919 and Kajsa Greta (Katrina) Andersdotter Smeds sept 10 1853-dec 2 1947. He had a lot of siblings and they all emigrated to the US.
I would appreciate any help with this. I know that I should probably have to find someone living in South Africa but that's difficult.

June Pelo
17-11-18, 20:48
I have a note that Matts Knuts died 21 May 1917 in Transvaal, South Africa. My information came from a genealogist Henrik Mangs.. I think he lives in Närpes. I know he's on Facebook. His email: henrik.mangs%40netikka.fi Maybe he would know something more about Matts.

17-11-18, 22:27
Thank you. Yes, a couple of minutes ago I found out where he is buried and now I have asked for a photo of his grave if it is still existing :)